how to ground yourself when it’s windy

It’s been windy for the past week; blustery, cold air whipping us all into a frenzy. Put simply, I’m a mess and completely out of sorts – irritable, frazzled, foggy headed and unbalanced. Windy weather has me cowering – all I want to do is huddle under a blanket till it eases.

It’s a common event for this time of year. Just as we intuitively declutter in late winter / early spring, the earth does the same, the wind getting rid of the weight of winter to make space for new shoots and fresh leaves. Unfortunately I never manage to acclimatise, I’m just biding my time till the gusts subside (September if past years are anything to go by).

Considering the kids are reacting to the weather, too – ratty, argumentative and whiny – I thought it best to put a few grounding practises in place.

If you need a little grounding, you may want to consider the following:

lavender and frankincense essential oils : known for their calming, grounding properties, I recommend diffusing frankincense and adding a few drops of lavender oil to the bath in the evening.

chamomile tea : I always reach for chamomile when I’m feeling anxious and irritable. My kids love it too (with a bit of honey) and I find that the act of stirring and sipping tea is relaxing in itself, regardless of the calming properties of chamomile.

water : when it doubt, run a bath! It’s the parenting mantra I always come back to when moods are foul and I’m at my wits end. Bubbles and lavender and ten minutes reprieve is absolutely necessary on windy days.

early dinner : because remember that an early dinner saves the witching hour. And delicious, nourishing foods are just the comfort that we crave when the weather has us all a fluster. Tonight’s was lamb chops, mash and green beans but I’ll often serve soup/broth and buttered bread when everyone needs to be settled.

warmth : keeping everyone warm and protected from the wind is absolutely essential to protect sensitive ones. For me this means a thick, heavy jumper and a scarf and for the kids – warm feet, bonnets and a few cosy layers.

stillness : the best thing I can do is sit down and close my eyes and I’ll always do this when Percy breastfeeds. Today I found it really hard to sit still – I felt jumpy, my nervous system in overdrive – so while Percy fed I closed my eyes and touched my thumb to my little finger (the earth element that promotes physical stability). And it works – it really does! I often do it before I fall asleep at night and if I’m in a yoga class and can’t settle (my eyes twitch) I’ll use it then, too.

breath awareness : when home is getting loud and chaotic a few seemingly dramatic sighs to exhale and release is always worth a go. And then, stretch back into balasana – pose of a child, and literally fall into the earth; it’s the best grounding practise of all.

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