I’m not a dance mum

This week is a big one. Three dance concerts, two drama performances and a school carols night. Throw in a teething baby, a partner away for work and a string of editorial deadline and, well, I’m taking it an hour at a time.

When Poet started ballet at the beginning of the year I naively went in thinking it would all be very low-key. Alas, the dance world is a serious one and I was not prepared – not in the slightest. When I turned up to her dress rehearsal a few weeks ago I got chatting to one mum who is a seasoned pro (her daughter is performing in seven dances this week). She wasn’t at all phased by the fanfare – she’s been doing it for years and no amount of dance related drama comes as a surprise. A quick glance around the hall and it was blatantly obvious that the round, plastic tubs from Kmart (you know the ones come in a multitude of colours?) are the best thing for carrying around concert essentials – hairspray (of the glitter variety), bobbypins, tights, lipstick, snacks. And if you’re the mum? Grab a takeaway coffee on the way there and settle in for the day…the wait is a long one.

The thought of three concerts and just as many ballet buns (I’ve been watching youtube tutorials) is enough to send me into a tulle tizz this week. But it’s all worth it when I see my little black cat (complete with sequined ears and a tail) on stage. I watched her perform during the dress rehearsal and she was elated to be there. She spent most of the time one step behind but she was literally giggling with glee and beaming with joy.

I imagine that most parents feel the same – the practical, year-long work that goes into our children’s extra-curricular activities is rewarded when you see them so happy. In all honesty though, I’ll be quite relieved by 8pm on Friday night and no doubt I’ll drive home with a very sleepy black cat in the back seat.

And yes, Poet will wear those filthy, just-a-tad-too-small slippers for three more performances because buying a new pair at this time of the year is ridiculous.

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  • Jordanna Rowan

    The best dance shoes are the well loved ones. Seriously. Wear them until they have holes. 🙂 Source: Danced for 14 years.

  • Amanda K.

    ah, i can't wait to see photos 🙂

  • Kari

    My daughter danced for 12 years. You can make it any way you want. You can be one of those intense dance mums who are all about the competition. Or you can be someone who's daughter dances just for the sheer joy of it, as mine did. It's all up to you.

  • Let me be Free Blog

    Sounds like your little one is loving it!

  • Lisa

    I just couldn't do it. I'm pretty relieved that my girls have shown no interest in dance. They play soccer and swim. My #2 girl is tempted by gymnastics and I'm OK with this as long as she's not lured into competition. There's not enough time in the world for all of this!

  • Jessica G.

    My daughter is doing ballet this year for the first time. She loves it so incredibly much. But I quickly realized I am not a dance mom. There are definitely some intense dance moms from her class…and mind you she is in ballet for THREE YEAR OLDS! It's been very eye opening. But, as long as she is enjoying it, I will find a way to make it work for me too.

  • Jane S

    Stay strong Jodi, I am having a hard time keeping up with end of year school activities, let alone extra curricular activities x

  • Debby Brady

    That's a huge week Jodi , especially without having your partner home this week. Sending you lots of positive energy to dig deep & come out the other side next week. That pedicure is now a must!

  • Ursula Dean

    one hour at a time :>

  • katiecrackernuts

    I wasn't the typical dance mum either, and I suspect my step-daughter, with her newly pirouetting three-year-old is a little befuddled by the buns and glitter spray and schedules as well. I am more the Girl Guide mum and as a Guide myself, and a leader, I have had two of my three muck about in the great outdoors, giggling with friends under canvas on overnight camps and reddening faces around campfires or burning tongues on hot marshmallow. My niece just started this year too and Skyped me last week to show off her shiny new Girl Guide badge and tell me she made a Promise to 'do her best'. Big smiles and no hair tutorials required.

  • Margaret

    Oh dear, what a busy time for you all.
    If you really want to freshen up the ballet slippers, you can give them a gentle rub with some Gumption on a cloth, it will clean just about any thing.

  • Deb Baker

    Oh wow! This post resonates with me so much. We entered the dance world a few years ago and I was you. Overwhelmed by the rehearsals and the full on nature of dance. It is taken so seriously. I would love to find a dance school that puts on an end of year performance that is a bit more laid back but that doesn't seem to exist. I'm still not used to it and this time every year I breathe a huge sigh of relief when it's all over and ask my girls if they REALLY want to dance next year. They always do. They adore it!! So we'll do it all over again.

  • Gem

    My twins had their first ballet concert at the end of November and I too watched youtube tutorials on the perfect bun! I asked if they'll continue with ballet and while one is more keen on joining the circus, the other is like YES just in case there is another concert! Good luck!

  • Lisa Loechel

    Love this! We are going through the same thing here at the moment. I am definitely not a ballet mum either!

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