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Oh cherry blossoms! I will never tire of their pink popcorn beauty. But the blooms are so fleeting and I tend not to pick them; best to leave them be and admire them on my walks.

I can’t believe I’m saying this but this morning we’re off to the doctors with Che who has a fever and a rash. Woe is me but my goodness, I think we’ve had enough! Thankfully Daniel is home tonight after a week away and well, that’s my weekend made.

Here’s to a relaxing weekend and good health!

In other places:

want to know more about bone broths and stocks? This article is the best I’ve ever come across (with simple, straight-forward recipes, too). Thanks to Whole Family Rhythms for the link.
so grateful to come across some gorgeous organic and fair trade boys clothes. I’ll be getting Che the fisherman pants (they come in navy too) and pocket tee. Love these sweet girl’s shorts, too.
if you missed it, you must watch this episode of Australian Story. I’m so proud of local journo Joanne McCarthy – her integrity and determination is inspiring.
10 habits you should pick up from your grandmother – a great read!
20% off for Father’s Day with the code 20DAD at Hunters and Gatherers (cute socks and singlets!)
I’m really, really enjoying The Ma Books
a beautiful story about raising a family in Bali (love the three-month ceremony for babies).

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  • Michelle

    I loved the article about grandmother habits! So true.

    • Jodi

      Me too! One of the reasons I write these posts is so I have all my favourite articles in one place so I can come back to read them x

  • The Wholefood Mama

    Oh dear rash and fever that never sounds good. Hope Che is ok and whatever it is passes quickly. Here's to a restful weekend x

    • Jodi

      Thankfully it's just a virus and a heat rash….although come to think of it, Che often comes out in a bit of a rash when he has a virus + fever. I always get it checked out though, just to be sure x

    • millefeuilles

      Am SO glad for you! Early summer three out of five of us succumbed to the very vintage Scarlet Fever which, of course, gives a terrible fever, sore throat and an impressive rash.

      Enjoy your weekend all together.

  • Imogen Eve

    Thank you for the introduction to The Ma Books, what a brilliant blog.

    I hope Che gets better quickly (we've all had horrible rashy viruses here as well, nasty things).

  • Amanda K.

    ugh, so sorry to hear che is feeling poorly. hope for a quick recovery. we had a long winter of bugs and viruses, that gave way to a long spring and summer of fevers, ear infections and subsequent NINE rounds of antibiotics to fight infections that natural remedies weren't touching. sheesh. my mama heart was breaking.
    and i blogged about it here.
    here's to good health!

  • Inge

    I loved the article about grandmother habits! I'm on top of most of them, most of the time 😉 A good reminder of my own values! And loved the website too, a treasure trove of interesting articles and facts.
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend dear Jodi!

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