it’s time for a change


It’s not a coincidence that this post comes six whole weeks after the last which was aptly titled: “The Hardest Part of Babyhood.”

If you’re a mum, you know exactly how I’ve been spending my time. As I mentioned to the sweet lady in the supermarket elevator this morning: “It’s non-stop from sun up till sun down…and then some.”

Term 1 at school is always busy but this year has seemed extraordinarily full. I’m presuming it’s because I’m navigating school pick-ups with baby naps and we all know that never works out well. Honestly, the firstborn really does get it good in the uninterrupted nap department! And it never gets easier to rouse a baby from her slumber and plonk her in her carseat, all the while shushing the pre-schooler who wants to desperately bring a collection of random things (that he can’t find) on the 10minute journey.

Percy turned 3 a few weeks ago and on Monday he starts pre-school. It’s always a momentous step and it will be the very first time he’s spent time without me (aside from weekly visits with the Grandmas). My quirky, imaginative and incredibly creative Percy Pip is also my most socially anxious so it’s with a bit of trepidation that I send him off into the classroom. And yet I know that this is exactly what he needs; a gentle, nurturing and familiar environment where he can explore, learn and connect. He usually has Poet by his side when we’re out and about and she really does mother and guide him; it will be interesting to see how he fends for himself and navigates new friendships.

I took these two photos of him on his birthday week and they very aptly capture his personality:



And while the non-stop of ours days isn’t going to change any time soon, we’re now bubbling with excitement and anticipation because last weekend we bought a caravan! And this adventure that we’ve been dreaming up for the past six months finally feels very, very real. So real that I’m constantly thinking about sorting that cupboard, donating that bag of linens, packing up those books and clearing that miscellany.

The next few months will be fuller than the last as we sell our belongings, store our keepsakes, buy a Land Cruiser (anyone selling one?), sell our cars, prepare our caravan (and learn how to tow it!) and then whittle our “stuff” down to the bare minimum so that we can travel lightly.

For someone prone to avoiding big, spontaneous decisions, for someone who is a self-confessed homebody and lover of all things comfort, I’m astounded by my readiness for this journey. Intuitively I’m trusting that it will all fall into place because it really does feel like the right thing for us to do. We’ve spent the past 12 years here, growing our family and careers, and now it feels right to pack up our house and set forth to new places.

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  • Amanda K.

    Ah, I was so worried you were going to say you were moving on from blogging! all my favorites seem to be closing up shop. 🙂 Excited for your adventure!

    • Jodi

      Definitely not closing up shop! I’ve got a whole year’s worth of travelling to write about! x

  • Emily

    Exciting things on the horizon Jodi. You sound like superwoman!! I can barely wrangle my two!! I’m trying to convince my mum to sell her land cruiser (too big for the city) that she loves & has driven for 20 yrs. it is decked out for long distance travel (double tank etc etc) I’ll give her another nudge 😉

    • Jodi

      Most days I look like the eyes-wide-and-overwhelmed emoji….not quite superwoman 😉 Oh, and please do give your Mum a nugde! x

  • Genna

    Oh this is so exciting Jodie! We are just over halfway to welcoming our second bub, another little ‘cousin’ for your brood 🙂 and I could never imagine packing up and going on a journey such as the one you are all about to embark on, will be thinking of you over the next coming weeks as it all unfolds! xo

  • Maree

    Such bravery! We took our own mini adventure last year, took me out of my comfort zone & ive enjoyed it! Been trying to convince my husband the caravan could be out next adventure!!

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