late spring days


Despite the fact that it’s the busiest time of the year, there’s still the daily rhythm of home to ground me.

This week marks the beginning of summer and it’s already hot and humid. I wake to sweaty little arms around my neck and curly locks in my face. Littler arms and legs are moving about wildly on my other side, a squawking Marigold ready to get up for the day.

The kids have all been a bit snotty for the past week or so and I’ve got yet another sore throat (my throat and ears are always the first to succumb to a virus) so I’ve gone back to wellness basics – regular Vit C, plenty of vegetables and early-ish nights. I do find it difficult to go to bed before 10pm these days as once the kids are asleep there’s dishes to do, lunches to pack, emails to send. All of the things that are easier done in the quiet hours after dark. And yet I know that the sleep I do get before midnight is the best kind and when I get it I always feel better the next day. My bedtime routine is simple but it definitely helps me wind down: a shower, lavender and chamomile oil rubbed into my shoulders, neck and jawline and a few pages of a book (I just found a copy of The Signature of All Things at the op-shop and started it last night).

I’ve also been (mostly) off dairy for about six weeks now after noticing that it wasn’t agreeing with Marigold. She wasn’t unhappy or unsettled but she was vomiting quite regularly and had red spots on her cheeks (different to the common hormonal ones). I distinctly remember Poet having the same rash and dairy definitely doesn’t agree with her so I went with my gut and within a week Marigold had clear skin and much less vomiting (less washing for me, too!).

I admit, it was difficult to cut out dairy to begin with as I really was eating a lot of it. Thankfully I’ve found a coconut yoghurt that is delicious (Nakula), I’m having coconut/almond milk, I’m not missing cheese (although that may change when brie makes an appearance on Christmas platters) and my chocolate consumption has decreased dramatically. And because I can’t have butter I’m eating a lot less bread. Subsequently, I’m roasting pumpkin with garlic to make lunchtime salads a bit yummier, adding extra veg to each meal and snacking on nuts and fruit. This post from Franjo’s Kitchen was just the guidance I needed to up my energy levels and eat a little more mindfully.

With December upon us and only a few weeks left of school, I’m going to make the most of my days without the big kids; there’s presents to wrap, a few last-minute things to buy, recipe books to peruse and a bit of a house sort to happen (wishful thinking perhaps but a thorough clean is much needed!).

This time of year is busy and full and exhausting.


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  • Eliza

    You are amazing! Christmas shopping done? Go you.

  • Kate

    Sorry to hear you’re a little under the weather. The humidity, I find, can drain. I loved “The Signature of all Things”. I read it ages ago and it still comes to mind from time to time. I’d put it on a list of my top 10 reads. The op shops net great reads.

  • Amy

    I love the comment about the kids being snotty. Hahaha. That’s cute. Incidentally, my son has a dairy sensitivity, so I spent the better part of a year doing dairy-free recipes until we found Lactaid pills. Anyway, my favorite recipe is an almond flour cake, which I made with soy yogurt. Even now that we don’t do dairy-free, I still make the cake with the soy yogurt, as it yields the best results. The cake is delicate, but I serve it with yogurt and fresh berries in the mornings, and we all feel like we’re having shortcake. It’s packed with almonds, however, so it keeps me going rather than giving me the sugar-shakes. The recipe is found here, on GOOP’s website ( People make fun of Gwyneth here in the US, but I’ve found her recipes to be pretty solid. Go figure. 🙂

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