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Natural and no-fuss are my requirements for skincare and makeup products. Simple, really.

Over the past few years my skin has been temperamental – breakouts have been a monthly occurrence and more often than not I’ve had at least four unsightly blemishes on my chin. Thankfully, things have really settled over the last few months which I credit to a gentle skincare routine, lots of water and better stress management.

I’ve used a few different brands over the years but Lhami literally ticks every box for me. It’s made locally from organic ingredients and it well and truly suits my budget. Founder, Natalie Mitchell, makes every single product from hand in her home studio. She has a thorough knowledge of essential oils and uses the very best quality ingredients to create effective and beautiful products. She also glows – she’s the ultimate walking advertisement for her brand.

My summer skincare ritual involves:

Cleansing with : Cleansing Oil with Coconut and Jasmine – this works beautifully as a makeup remover and cleanser. I use a few drops massaged onto the face if I’m in the shower or sometimes I’ll fill the basin with warm water, add a few drops and use a bamboo facecloth to cleanse.

Moisturising with : Nourishing Face Cream – with rose, chamomile and green tea extracts, this cream is hydrating and soothing and works wonders on my skin. It’s also the perfect base for my makeup. At night I’ll add a few drops of Nourishing Face Oil to the cream for added moisture or I’ll simple massage a few drops of oil onto my skin. On particularly humid days I’ll spray my face and décolletage with the Hydrating Face Mist which works beautifully as a calming tonic, too.

I’ve always found it difficult to find natural makeup that works well with my skin so I was delighted when Natalie released her first makeup range.

The Beauty Balm Concealer and Foundation creates a smooth complexion and is enriched with plant extracts and SPF 15 so it also soothes and protects the skin. I gently dab blemishes and dark circles (oh, motherhood!) with the balm and then mix a bit of it in with my Nourishing Face Cream to create a tinted moisturiser. This provides light coverage which is, for me, perfect for every day wear. I finish with a light brush application of Mineral Bronzer and set with the Hydrating Face Mist. I always wear mascara and have found this Natural Almond Oil Mascara to be fantastic.

Lhami offers a range of skincare starter packs for those new to the brand and the Beauty Balm is available in a sample size, too.

I often get overwhelmed with the plethora of skin products out there but with my hand on my heart I can tell you that Lhami really does offer the best, organic quality.

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  • Debby Brady

    Thanks for the heads up Jodi, Ian always on the look out for affordable natural skincare. Have just placed a small order, love that I can do so with a small Australian business .
    Hope you are enjoying a quieter week this week. Deb

  • greengal

    Thanks for the tip Jodi. I find the skincare options on offer pretty overwhelming so I really appreciate your honest review. It's great to be able to buy a quality product from a local business and I'm looking forward to receiving my Lhami order.

  • Josephine

    Thanks for the info! My struggle to find quality skincare products has been long! I've just ordered a starter kit and am excited to give it a go!
    Hope you have a great Christmas!

  • Unknown

    Do you think she will ship to the US? I have such a hard time finding natural makeup that does not make my sensitive skin break out:(

    Jenny D

  • wobblyone1

    Hi, just wanted to say I totally agree with your comments.
    I moved to Oz from the Uk and was a devoted Liz Earle addict. Everything else left my skin looking full and breakouts were frequent. I was freaking out scared to try another brand, as I had finally got control over my skin.
    My lovely daughter in the UK gifted me some Lhami products. AWESOME!! The best products I have ever used. My skin loves them. They smell divine and they work wonders. I would recomend them to everyone. Thank you Natalie for your amazing products.

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