Monday, tick

Just recently I booked Che in for an 8am Monday swimming lesson. He’s keen to get a little stronger and more confident in the pool and frankly, I couldn’t argue. So, Monday mornings are like a baptism of fire – out the door by 7:30am with the swimming and school bags packed, the restful weekend a distant memory.

Today was a little more busy than usual – an hour in Poet’s classroom first thing to help with literacy groups followed by a drive to the hospital, 25minutes spent looking for a carpark and then, finally, an appointment with my midwife.

In recent weeks Mondays have also become my fruit & veg day so by midday I was at the fruit market stocking up for the week. It’s considerably cheaper than the supermarket and I find that I can get lots of marked down fruit for the school lunches and an abundance of vegies for soups and broths. I make it all last, too, and can usually get away with spending under $60 for the week – pretty good!

And now I’m sitting down…while everyone else eats dinner. I had a bowl of yoghurt and fruit for afternoon tea and I can’t fit anything else in right now. It’s funny, it’s taking me so long to get my head around the changes this pregnancy is presenting me with…a blossoming belly full of baby leaves little room for a roast chook and vegies. I’ve really changed my eating habits of late – less sugar, extra¬†good fats and proteins, more water than I could ever imagine drinking and the very occasional cup of tea. I’ve also got a penchant for spice which I attribute to conception in Bali when I was eating nasi goreng every day.

By the time the kids were home from school it was most definitely time for me to lie down. I make myself rest for about 20 minutes every afternoon, even if I’m feeling energised. I rarely sleep but the downtime helps me get through the witching hours and the demanding post-dinner bedtime rigmarole which is always accompanied by far too many dishes and far too little enthusiasm.

And tomorrow? Some train play (Percy got this train set for his birthday and he is officially enamoured with it), a bit of photography work and a quick grocery shop to tick that chore off the list. Not too much, not too little, just enough for this pregnant muma who’s solo parenting for most of the week (and for the weeks that follow).

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