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When it comes to buying beauty products I procrastinate for months; there’s a plethora of products out there and the choice is overwhelming. I don’t use a lot of make-up – light foundation, a bit of concealer, mascara and lipstick are my only essentials. A recent overhaul of my make-up bag revealed a sad state of affairs; I was down to the very last smidgen in each bottle and decided then and there that a few purchases must be made. I’m happy to report that glowing reviews ensue:

eco natural sunscreen* : considering we’re still experiencing the full bite of summer, I’ve taken to wearing sunscreen under my make-up. Unlike most sunscreens, this brand is non-greasy and light so it doesn’t leave a shiny residue and as a bonus it’s infused with green tea, rosehip oil and cucumber oil so it’s gentle and nourishing on the skin. It’s also been given the highest safety rating by the Environmental Working Group and is one of the only sunscreens that is reef (and coral) safe. Available in “body” too.

coconut + lime deodorant* : I think I’ve tried every natural deodorant on the market but this is the best by far. This summer has been hot and the humidity coupled with breastfeeding has put my deodorant to the ultimate test. Firstly, I love that it’s easy to apply, a simply spray under each arm and you’re good to go (can’t stand deodorant creams!). It smells fresh – like coconut and lime – and it feels good to wear. Does it last all day? Look, it doesn’t keep me smelling non-smelly all day but I can get away with only applying it once and not offending anyone by the evening. Frankly, I feel like I’ve reached the point in my natural deodorant quest that I don’t have to look any further. Sweet relief!

natural almond oil mascara : natural and smudge-resistant is a huge win in my book. I love a good mascara and this goes to the top of my list. It’s easy to apply, the almond oil strengthens and lengthens lashes and it’s water resistant (I remove all make-up with this cleanser*).

beautiful beetroot cheek + lip tint : personally I find lipstick to be hard work – all that necessary reapplying just never happens. But a natural tint that stains the lips and doesn’t smudge? Perfect! This is my new favourite product made sweeter because it’s made from rosehip and beetroot. Rosy! I apply a dab to the cheekbones, too, because doing so detracts from tired eyes.

also : my summer skincare ritual

Tell me about your favourite natural beauty finds. I’d love to hear!

*I earn a small commission from items purchased through an affiliate link.

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  • Ariella

    I've tried so many natural deodorants and had bad luck over and over. has a deodorant that's great. It obviously isn't stopping the sweat at all but at the end of the day or the end of a workout I don't smell at all. I'm also religious and only wear long sleeves even through summer so it's a really big accomplishment if A natural deodorant can hold up for me. It's also a roll on which is great, I also hate the creams.

  • Thelittlecarol

    Thanks for your sharing. I came to realise that most of the cosmetic/skincare products that are selling in store contains a lot of chemical. Natural product is the way to go!

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