the school series : painting a forest

School holidays – so much better than school.

There will probably be a stage in my near future where I regret such a statement but for now I’m quite happy to sing it from the rooftops. For the past few weeks we’ve relished in rhythm rather than routine, it’s been a nice breather. Our days have been pretty spontaneous; slow mornings followed by beach visits, late lunches, and an afternoon movie or two. Che spent every second day playing with the kids next door; climbing trees, jumping on the trampoline, discovering an overgrown cubby down the back –  the essential ingredients for a good childhood, I believe.

When he wasn’t squealing from the garden or running through the trees, he was at the table requesting food or a paintbrush. We’ve been using picture books as inspiration for paintings (A Forest, in particular) and when paper gets boring we move onto the driveway, a box of chalk in hand.

Tomorrow morning it’s back to school; the uniform is ready, I am not.

Our favourite art supplies include the most luscious Lyra pencils, vivid chalk from chalk chook and the entire Micador range; especially their watercolours and green eARTh products. 

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  • Susanna Morrison Cummings

    precious pictures reflecting a true vacation…it's so important to take that downtime…glad you could enjoy i!

  • The F Girl

    Wonderful times, those holidays. We just started a 2 week school holiday around here and have been enjoying the time together thoroughly. Not living on the clock, just having fun, relax and create together. Bliss!

  • Jenny Reid
  • Yellow Finch

    I cherish the breaks from school. I love skipping the routine, hanging up our uniforms, and spending the days on a whim.

    Sounds like you enjoyed yours!

  • sabrina montagnoli

    We love playing with chalk here! Such simple fun.

  • sara

    lovely photos. such a sweet time for you all. hopefully you have a smooth transition back into a routine.


  • BigLittle

    Sounds like a wonderful true vacation. Lisa x

  • Veronica

    Jody my daughter is going to be back at school in two days and I'm not ready at all. My attitude towards school- as a mum – has always been quite controversial: fascination, trust and optimism versus a strong sense of melancholy, thinking of when days were less structured and "carefree". But since my daughter has started going to school we 've been trying even more, as a family, to value our free time, prefering for weekends and holidays casual, slow and lazy routines and, as in these pics of yours, simple perfect kids' activities. And besides this I've learnt one thing: kids get used to school quicker and better than mums do!

  • mel @ loved handmade

    Perfect. Holidays are all about slow mornings and easy rhythm. Kiddos outside imagining, exploring and climbing..perfection x

  • motherwho

    Beautiful pictures Jodi. I keep thinking about all your tips to learn manual… then I get overwhelmed and flick back to auto. it's just all so daunting! xx

    • Jodi

      oh, don't let it daunt you. What camera and lens do you use? x

  • ellerampling

    "the uniform is ready, I am not" That sentence has been swimming around my head for the last ten minutes. It is the perfect description of my Tuesday nights. I only work part time, and I know it is the best thing for my family, but every Tuesday night as I head to bed I look at my freshly washed and pressed uniform and sigh…

    I cant wait to attend the creatives Jodi, you have such a wonderful way with words. Whenever I read your blog I am always transcended into your world yet reminded of my own by a simple sentence or notion. I know I will never be able to write like you or take photos like Tim but you have both been such an inspiration and make me want to be better at telling my story. x x x

  • tiny and little

    Beautiful pictures! I feel the same way about holidays versus the school routine and hope that I never reach the stage where I won't sing joyfully from the rooftops that holidays are here and my babies are home.

  • Gina

    Holidays are truly wonderful. But with two teenagers and a 10 year old they were so happy to return and see their friends again and I must admit I was happy to attack the house with gusto catching up on all we had let slide over the previous two weeks!

  • Bella Mills

    Those paints are delightful! Che's watch too 🙂
    A restful sleep will help with the nerves (says the lady without a baby).
    I'm lost in these colours, Jodi. As always.
    Bella xx

    • Jodi

      I'm not that nervous, just resistant to step back into the busyness of it all! x

  • sian

    love those photos. we're recent converts to the lyra pencils. blogged about them here
    hope first school run of the new term not too traumatic! x

  • Iliska Dreams

    It will be three or more years until Jarvis starts school and I am so not looking forward to it. I can totally understand you wanting you family around you

  • Katrina@capturingmomentss

    I love all the Micador products. That chalk looks amazing too!

  • tinajo

    Love chalk – and holidays..!

  • Kim

    I love having them all at home too! Such lovely, creative days, with minimum stress and so much play. I need to work out how to get the balance right, so we don't all burn out again next term. xK

    • Jodi

      yes, I'm wary of the end of term burn out too. Although last term was 11weeks, this term is only 8.5 – big difference. I'm guessing there will be lots of germs as we venture into winter so I'm going to be disciplined with Che's diet and really encourage chicken stock and fresh juices.

      Interesting what you say about minimum stress. I bumped into a friend today (mum of 3 schoolchildren) and this morning her youngest said to her: "Mum, you get all screamy when we go back to school." – oh, the honesty! x

  • Lou

    This post just totally captivated me 🙂

    The earth without art would just be 'eh', after all…

  • heidi

    I completely agree… with all my heart. I love holidays from school!

  • Rachael

    I agree! I love school holidays but sadly only get a few days when I am not working to enjoy them.

  • growMama

    I hear you! We've been homeschooling and my boy had just started at Steiner…he's been exhausted and grumpy and I miss him and our connected flow together. If I only get him back Sunday evenings and have to start the routine week all over again, I might pull the plug! (She says, forgetting that it was difficult to manage childcare of work meetings). Okay, rant over!

  • Bec Z

    Amazing pics! Love coming here and seeing your new posts.

  • fancypantsy

    Beautiful. I adore school holidays. I love the break from the home from work race to bedtime. We eat dinner slowly and don't have to worry about homework. I keep her up later so we can have more snuggle time. It's so lovely. School keeps us mothers on our toes, no? Glad you were able to enjoy.

  • katiecrackernuts

    Aww, look at the colours those chalk produce. And I'll have to check out those other art supplies too.

  • Reply

    I'll have to check out that chalk. We keep chalk around 24/7 on the back patio, but have always gone with the cheapest bulk pack at Target. It's not particularly vibrant, to say the least lol.

    Hope the first day back at school went well!

  • rebucadoacido

    i think i would love to live in australia.. 🙂

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