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I’m pedantic when it comes to shoes for the kids. As someone who wore orthotics (and probably still should) I understand and appreciate the importance of supportive shoes for growing feet.

So, when US brand, PLAE, recently launched in Australia I was more than interested in testing them out. The result? I’m delighted and so are the kids.

PLAE’s shoes are lightweight and flexible so they’re perfect shoes for school sports day, mornings at the park and afternoons spent climbing trees. They feature a specially engineered sole that follows the natural contour of your child’s foot (which is mostly cartilage) and they’re incredibly easy to wash (throw them in the washing machine when they’re filthy and pull them out, good as new). As a bonus, they can be custom-fit thanks to interchangeable tabs so if your child’s feet are particularly narrow or wide, PLAE will fit.



PLAE shoes are also eco-minded. They’re vegan, made entirely from responsible and recycled materials (the upper material is recycled PET milk bottles, the insole is anti-bacterial and anti-microbial Eco-Ortholite® and the heel cup is created from recycled cork) and they’re manufactured in a solar powered, fair labour factory.

On an entirely practical level, they make rushed mornings a little easier because there’s no laces. For this reason they’re also ideal for toddlers and pre-schoolers who are always in a hurry to get outside.

PLAE kindly sent a few pairs of shoes my way and is offering you a 20% discount on all purchases with the code: plaesimply.

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