scenes : in autumn

Thankfully work has slowed down just in time for our house move. We still don’t know where we’re moving to but it seems as if the windy road is leading us towards something promising. Hopefully by Tuesday morning a definite plan will be in place.

Che and Poet have been at my mum’s house for the past few days so I got stuck into their room and sorted, decluttered and packed. It’s so much quicker to do it when they’re not around as they seem to profess a deep affinity with each and every thing that’s pulled from the depths of the wardrobe which makes the entire process complicated to say the least.

As the packing progresses I’m grateful for absolutely perfect autumn weather. It’s positively summery during the day but come dusk we’re reaching for cardigans and if I don’t get the washing in in time it’s slightly damp; a true sign of the season.

We’re in the midst of school holidays, too, and while Poet continues to go to pre-school, Che is home with me. It’s good to spend some one-on-one time with him, even if a squawking Percy often interrupts our conversations. His mind is a wondrous thing – always thinking, always imagining – and the facts that he presents me with are nothing short of impressive. I admit that sometimes my tired brain can’t quite keep up with his but I do enjoy the challenge. He’s a beautiful kid and an absolutely gorgeous big brother; kind, responsible, gentle, entertaining, invested and empathetic. And he’ll always, always read Poet and Percy a story, no matter their choice in book. He’s got storytime sorted, inflections and all.

As for photos….the camera has sat in the same spot for the past few days, untouched. Client work has been put on hold for the next month but this morning I made a point of editing a few shots from the last few weeks.

This is what pockets of home currently looks like (imagine boxes and things-to-be-packed everywhere else):

/ porridge with berries and maple – the best.

/ this shade of sea green always impresses

/ a winter dress waiting to be worn

/ a shoot for a little puppy called L’il Fraser who Percy took quite a liking to

/ birthday blooms that have started to wilt

/ coffee bowls! From one of my very favourite bloggers! So good to support a fellow mother/maker, especially one who offers so much in the way of parenting wisdom


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  • Jenny M

    Good luck with your moving plans ~ hope it all goes well for you.

  • Ronnie

    Love these images, Jodi. I hope Tuesday works out…
    Lots of love,
    Ronnie xo

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