scenes : in black and blue

/ discovered at the laundry door; sandals with the buckles still done up, a handful of pebbles and a few weeds.

/ another candid shot of him reading. I could create an entire series.

/ the most beautiful package I’ve ever received, clothes from une belle époque. I waited two days till I opened it. I really appreciate thoughtful little details.

/ my favourite cup; it holds just the right amount of tea (I always leave the teabag in).

/ the seventh book in the Buddha series by Tezuka. He’s getting the eighth and final book for Christmas.

/ the very last drop of juice (our current favourite is orange, carrot, kale and ginger).

/ my current love affair with b+w photography continues. There’s a lot I like about this shot; patterns on clothes, afternoon light, one of my favourite scarves drying on the line. But most of all, I love that I captured the children at play. There’s 3years and 9months between them and there have been times when I’ve really noticed the big gap. Lately they have been playing (and fighting) with joy; giggles and raucous laughter ensues.

scenes in spring
scenes in ginger and green
scenes in blue

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  • Hannah

    Gorgeous photos Jodi x

  • Lamb Fox


  • Preeti Dubey

    Lovely pictures, specially Che reading books. You always capture scenes so natural and beautiful !

  • rebucadoacido

    lovely images!
    lu x

  • Kate

    I love the one of Che reading and the pop of his red pants. Gorgeous collection Jodi.

  • one claire day

    you know I love these type of posts x

  • The Wholefood Mama

    The last one is my favorite, who could ever tire of b&w photography? Not me. And Che's pants in that photo, I love them I am guessing a bali find? x

    • Jodi

      The pants are actually made by a friend of mine, Emma from – Che has 2 pairs of her vintage floral pants (with pockets!) in every size from 000 to 6! Emma has the best collection of vintage fabrics and sheets and I'm pretty sure she would still have some of this fabric (it's mustard, yellows and blues) x

    • emma

      I do indeed…as well as many others!!

  • Satoko

    lovely photos!

  • Jessica Rebelo

    Beautiful pictures, I love the palette and the lights x

  • Van

    Beautiful photos and inspiring blog. Will be back for more inspiration!

  • Sarah

    These are beautiful photos…you have the best eye for details. I love the little glimpses and angles you see and capture. The cup on the old wooden table is lovely ~

    Sarah xo

  • Crystal

    Oh how I long for the day Iris can read books alone! There really is nothing better than curling up with one x

  • kristy

    I love the way you capture your children on camera, and even when you can't see the faces, you can still see the personality! Beautiful. xo

  • dee

    with that single comment Jodi….(which made me grin from ear to ear)….you reinforced, that i'm doing exactly what i ought to be doing because that's just how i want people to feel when they get a package! (altho' i also have ideas for getting the kids just as excited 🙂 thank you. x

    • Jodi

      no, thank you! x

  • Carolyn

    Oh I adore seeing little snapshots of your life!

  • Elisa {With Grace and Eve}

    I adore black + white. Such a beautiful series x

  • jody

    Beautiful series. I am really loving black and white photography too at the moment. xo

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