scenes : in grey and green


I like collating these colour-coded posts; a series of random scenes united.

/ an arbour and its wild foliage.

/ sleeping baby – she is getting so tall.

/ he always has his head in a book. He’s up to chapter 11 in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and has just experienced the amazing moment when Charlie finds the golden ticket.

/ the last of the summer veg from Popa’s garden

/ …but the chillis are still going strong

/ little shoes found at the op-shop and a favourite skirt (soon available in the children’s collection over at Lilya)

/ if you follow me on instagram you would have already seen this moment. He chose to eat his afternoon tea in his room. “It’s quiet here and the rain is beautiful,” he said.

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  • jody

    So so beautiful Jodi and peaceful. I hope the two day shoot goes well. xx

  • Two Cent Sparrow

    I love seeing a little head buried in a book. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is one of my favorites too!

  • TOI

    i love how he loves reading. from his remark in the last scene Ibelieve he has such a romantic soul

  • Megan J. Miller

    I just love checking in on your blog. It's a joy to look at your photos!

  • aluminiumgirl

    It always catches me off-guard when I notice how long my baby has gotten. It's a bitter-sweet moment.

  • Cat Miedecke

    Oh I still love Charlie and the chocolate factory myself! We've just finished the BFG too.

  • Kathy

    What a beautiful collection of memories….Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia

  • Lil Muse Lily

    lovely. always lovely

  • Sharolyn Newington

    It is wonderful that your boy is such an avid reader. I only grew to love books since marrying my literary-student husband, I hope our little ones will grow up with their heads in books.

  • Jan (a gluttonous wife)

    I just love looking at your blog, your photography is just beautiful and warms my heart.
    Cheers, Jan x

  • Lyn Stewart

    Are you still TV-less? I'm sure the reading will be enhanced by the lack of one of those things in the house. Plus beautiful photo of Che looking out into the rain love those kind of moments myself…

    • Jodi

      We are! The kids usually watch a doco or a few episodes of Peppa Pig on iview on the weekends but apart from that – no tv. Best parenting decision I've made, of late x

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