scenes : on concert week

/ mint in abundance in mama’s garden

/ sound asleep. We all need more of this at the moment.

/ Poet found a birds nest; intricate and beautiful.

/ I do my best to keep my concerns to myself and stand back to watch her jump from trees.

/ her very first concert night. All the excitement in the world! It was so special to see her so happy.

/ second concert night and we all sat in the audience proud as punch. Also, eyelashes.


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I see you
a classic novel turned graphic
exciting new title by Kate James
go, Joost!

Friends, come Monday night the dance and drama concerts will be finished and we can settle in for a relaxed, slow and special countdown to Christmas. It’s been a flurry of activity (in ridiculous summer humidity) and all the excitement has led to the inevitable tiredness and tantrums. The house is a mess, there’s enough washing to keep me busy for a week and I have about 20 stories to write before Friday next week. But…it’s also just the way it should be. I predict easy dinners, ice-cream at the beach and early nights right up until Christmas Eve. Have a wonderful weekend!

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