summer : gratitude

On Sunday evening I stood in the kitchen at 5:30pm, took one look at the mess and ordered everyone to get in the car. The ocean beckoned and I was so grateful for its pull; an opportunity to escape the humidity and end-of-weekend routine, a chance to wander and run on the sand.

There is no denying the heavy heart of our world right now, the universal sadness evident in news reports and candle flames. 

This Christmas, as we prepare to gather and celebrate, we do so with gratitude – for who we have, not what we own. 

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  • Laura

    Such beautiful words and perfect sentiments.

    x Laura

  • Amanda

    Lovely words Jodi. Poet looks so tall walking along the sand in that first shot 🙂

  • Jane S

    Perfect Jodi x

  • Za

    Beautiful words Jodi. Love the first shot of Poet.

  • mel @ loved handmade

    Absolutely! Enjoy the moments..x

  • Katrina


  • Claire

    So true, well said Jodi x

  • Lottie Storey


  • Rhiannon

    Beautifully said Jodi. And I love the first pic of poet, so big now x

  • Iliska Dreams

    Love the last sentence…. if only we all could remember it's importance more often.

  • Claire @ Scissors Paper Rock

    Perfectly said Jodi.
    P.S. Poet looks like such a little girl already….toddler-hood doesn't hang around long enough in my books.

  • Jo

    Well said. With the constant showing of those poor children and their families on every news segment and in every newspaper, my heart has been heavy and my Christmas spirit has been dampened. I hug my husband a little tighter and hope for peace. The fragility of life and the presence of evil in this world that can so quickly destroy these simple lives of happiness and love that we work toward… It's almost too much and all week I've found my sleep to be poor quality, my peace of mind gone.

    My best,
    Jo Farmer

  • Ana Cooks

    lovely words. i couldn't say it better!

  • Anna Zimmerman

    These are beautiful photos. 🙂

  • Ann

    Preach it sister!

  • Nikki Fisher

    Sigh. Well said Jodi. Peace and gentleness to all xx

  • B

    So beautifully put. And spot on.
    Thank you.

  • Jenny M

    These words of gratitude, just make me want to cry and yes I am so very thankful for the loved ones in my life. To think that so many people have had their world turned upside down by that terrible event is heartbreaking. Even my 24yr old son slowed down enough to speak to me about the event and he told me that hearing about it made him so very sad.

  • look see

    So well said Jodi (and I love Poet's stride!)

  • chanerain

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