ten on ten

“ten photos over ten consecutive hours on the tenth day of every month.”
Joining in with Rebekah’s inspiring photo project for the first time. I took my camera with me everywhere today; these shots are an apt description of our Mondays.
one / Poet wraps herself in my (threadbare) scarf and watches me as I get dressed and do my makeup.
two / She gets to play at Ommi’s house while I teach yoga.
three / Sri K Pattabhi Jois greets me as I step into the studio.
four / A few rounds of sun salutations once my students have left.
five / Varying degrees of green and wilted brown.
six / My view from the kitchen to the front door (and my gorgeous calendar + small batch apron).
seven / A visit to the doctors. Thankfully there’s nothing to worry about.
eight / Peppa on the escalator. Poor Peppa.
nine / A meal guaranteed to be enjoyed and eaten (otherwise known as a Monday night staple).
ten / I listen to him read aloud and I marvel at his progress. I had to laugh when I looked through the lens and saw the book title; so apt for the final photo today.
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  • Katrina@capturingmoments

    I cannot wait to listen to my children read. One of the things I've always looked forward to since becoming a mama.

  • Michelle

    Oh it's the tenth already!!! Bugger. Every month I forget about this project! I really should put a reminder on the calendar. These photos are fabulous. You have captured your day perfectly. Such interesting angles. I hope you have a lovely week Jodi x

  • Milina O

    I do love the simplicity in each of your images. just beautiful xo

  • aluminiumgirl

    You've given me interest in photography. I love the clarity and the moments that get captured in a good photo. You've really inspired me. I've been snapping photos here, there, and everywhere since I started joining in with your 52 project, and I feel so much satisfaction when one turns out to be magical. You've a magical bunch here. It was nice to look on.

  • one claire day

    Love love! Glad Poet's ok xx

  • Bron Maxabella

    Bloody hell, that officially makes it 18 times I've missed the 10 on 10 thing. What the hell is wrong with me!?!? I think I have to do a 3 on 3 thing or something. The 10th of the month is clearly just too overwhelming for me. x

  • Kathy

    There's also a 12 on the 12th if anyone missed out on the 10 on the 10th. These projects are wonderfully inspiring and seeing your day from start to finish is always interesting. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane

  • Mentre dormono

    Jody! This is perhaps a stupid question but: do you really use make up? I always think of you as the kind of girl Who washes her face, put cream and that's all. Bellezza acqua e sapone , we would say … ( translation: water and soap beauty) .
    This project is so nice : it'a like a window on a ordinary day of those Who take part …)

  • lyrical.lessons

    I like that #10 had ten toes in it.

  • stacy bostrom

    beautiful!! oh i love the heart of ten on ten and you captured it beautifully in your life. the light in the stairs shot is phenomenal. bravo!

  • Yvette

    BEAUTIFUL set!!

  • Yellow Finch

    i love the ten on ten project, I just always forget about it!

  • kari

    What a beautiful take on Ten on Ten. I admire your savoring of simple moments and your eye for shapes and natural light.

  • bestof2sisters.com

    I enjoyed this so much! You've captured these moments so brilliantly xx

  • TOI

    i loved this so much. I'm taking part as well 🙂

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