the school series : nesting

You know what has surprised me most about preparing Che for school? The nesting.

Much like I was during pregnancy, I am sorting and organising clothes, rearranging rooms, decluttering shelves and trying my very hardest to get to the bottom of the washing pile. I’m anticipating the adjustment period where free time is rare and, whilst my nights won’t be sleepless, I know there will be a new kind of emotional exhaustion in our home.

It’s ironic, I know, because I’m not birthing a baby but sending my first-born off into the world. I suppose this proves one thing: the metaphorical cutting of the cord is just as powerful as the physical.

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  • Sarah

    Wait until they reach high school…it's a completely different cutting of the cord. I wasn't prepared at all for the void I felt, but the excitement of watching my boys become truly independent was wonderful.

    You really inspire me…I am so thrilled I found your blog. I've been back many times since the other night, to reread all your beautifiul words. I appreciate how you write so honestly, it feels as if you're talking to us as friends. I love that!


  • Steph @ this brown wren

    Sometimes more so! When you bring your baby into the world you cocoon them in your arms and shelter them in a little bubble of milk and love. Sending them off on new adventures away from the nest where you have to trust that your parenting will lead them on the right path…and hope that others will be kind…well that equals all kinds of emotional times. I too have been nesting up a storm and Bijou only headed off to kindy his year. I'll be a de-cluttering crazy woman when she hits "big school"! WIshing you some gentle, one on one time with your baby girl and perhaps a snippet of time to yourself 🙂 x

  • Ruby Hoppen

    Sounds like a nice way to make everything run smoothly and a good distraction too. I find nesting to be very therapeutic when I am stressed out or need to think things through, pregnant or not! It looks sunny and sweet in your part of the world today xx

    • Jodi

      True – when the emotional is overwhelming, immerse yourself in the practical x

  • Reply

    I am doing the exact same thing! And I just sent my little girl off to prep this week 🙁

  • BabyMac

    I've been doing the same. All of a sudden I can't cope with things piled up that have been there for years. I have been on a FRENZY this week – hadn't made the connection! x


    These posts are so lovely! I sent the school series link to a friend who is sending her first born off to school in September. I'm loving them so. I am enjoying them as much as if I had one going off to school too! (Mine is 6 months old next week- so school is quite a ways off). May I ask where the beautiful piece of art that looks like a map is from in the first picture?

  • hammeringnotes

    love your last line of your post. It really rings true x

  • mel @ loved handmade

    You're so right, nesting, that is exactly what it is like to send your babies off into the world, such an emotional time. I wish you and your beautiful school boy a wonderful 1st year, it's a special time. Thank you for your incredibly approrriate & powerful words as I prepared to birth our baby, it was the very mindset I was in throughout, peaceful was certainly the mood in our suite that night..x

  • aluminiumgirl

    There is a sense of peace that comes with order, I find.

  • Preeti Dubey

    Sending the little sweetheart to school is heart whelming as well as painful. A smooth transition and comfortable settling of the kid in the play school gives us little comfort at the separation phase at least. Your words are so emotional and touching. And yes beautiful photos.

  • heidi

    It is like this for me every year….nesting is a perfect description. It's been our third year with a child in school and I feel a rhythm beginning and it creates a level of gratitude for my children I thought I already had, but didn't know how much more it could expand.

  • Karen

    And so time passes. It is a time that you never forget, a time of letting go, of pride. I am doing something similar except my babies are growing and flying. I have started a series called raising adults to celebrate my second child turning 18. I would love to know what you think of my older mama perspective. Allow these days to happen and then feel the pride of seeing your beautiful boy bloom and grow.

  • Nicole mcmahon

    Oh Jodi how true your words are I sent my first born off to kinder this morn very emotional more for mummy's letting go <3

  • Bungalowgirl

    Same mass outing of stuff happening at our house too. And our milestone is four year old kindy for number two. Love love love your girls curls, reminds me of my girl at the same age. mel x

  • Mrs Clark

    Jodi, this is bizarre because I have been doing the same thing! Zac starts Monday. my house is going to be clean and all three kids at school. what will I do with the day?
    all the best mama x

  • Briseidy

    beautiful photo! can't wait to hear all about the first day at school 🙂

  • Maxabella

    I think we nest before any big event. It's a way of clearing space for what is to come…

    Big, bright, beautiful thing to come, that's what. x

  • anothermotherblog

    Funnily enough – although I didn't realise it – I did the same last week in preparation for my first born to start school. I think it's about trying to be as organised as possible to cope with the turmoil to come. We're only one day down, but with tidy rooms and a school lunch menu plan in place, I feel a little more relaxed about it all.

  • sydneyhamburg

    Wonderful post. So true.

    My little girl will be starting on Monday as well and I just hope most of my tears will be cried (in the evenings while she's in bed) until then. 😉

  • look see

    Oh good luck you guys! What an exciting and emotional time for you all xx

  • Truly Myrtle

    I do it every year 🙂 It's something about an imminent change of seasons, getting into the headspace for a new rhythm of life and a sort of "gathering" in preparation for letting them all fly off again. It feels strangely reassuring now. It's an exciting phase letting them go into the world – once I feel confident that they are not wobbly, I enjoy watching them shine.


    I'm sure you will handle it with all of your usual grace Jodi …
    Poets dress is DIVINE !!!!!

  • Johanna

    It is such an intense time of transition and emotion. I feel for you.

  • Rebecca Alexis

    So love this post. So beautiful and thought provoking. Made me reflect on my own parenting. I have a 6yo, 9yo and a 13yo. My oldest is rapidly approaching the newness of "wanting to be separate" from the parent, from the house, from his HOME. It make me ache a bit. I just wrote about it here, trying to figure out all I can, all I can do to help him in this time.


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