welcoming autumn

I realise that by the calendar we are only weeks away from winter but as far as the temperature goes, autumn has only just tickled our toes. Said tootsies are now snug in slippers; lambskin booties for the littlest and handmade crocheted foot warmers for Che and Poet.

My seasonal mantra has begun and it’s chanted at regular intervals throughout the day: “put your slippers on!” It’s a collective mantra for mothers the world over, I think. Our obsession with keeping feet and kidneys warm is steeped in tradition – and for good reason. Our immune system is supported and nurtured when our bodies are protected, hence during these cold, sensitive months it’s best to wrap up and take good care.

I do enjoy the rituals that accompany the change of season; the addition of wool underlays, flannelette sheets and woollen blankets on the beds; rubbing eucalyptus balm into the chest come bedtime; the gathering of kindling and chopping of wood in preparation for cosy fires; mornings of porridge, stewed apples and tea and thrice-weekly soups-on-the-stove. My anorak and scarf are worn most days, hence they sit slung over the chair near the front door, ready for a hurried exit (baby in arms).

This past week has been light-filled after weeks on end of rain and wind. The hills hoist has been heaving with endless loads of washing and if it’s not all dry come dusk, the clotheshorse makes its way inside to sit by the fire.

Today marks the end of my first week of solo parenting with three; the perfect explanation for my lack of attention here. My days have been full and bustling and yet they seemed to run smoothly if I dedicated all of my time and energy to the little ones and the house. That said, I have been jotting down notes on paper; story ideas, to-dos, shopping lists. By evening I am spent so with cup of tea in hand I make my way to bed where I dream feed Percy in the hope that I’ll be rewarded with a little more sleep (it usually works).

Thank goodness for the weekend (and the promise of a sleep-in).

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  • Sarah

    I admire and love how mindful you are of the seasons with our bodies and home. I have read your older posts many times for inspiration. How can it not be true that we are greatly affected by the changes….

    I think I would have pulled all my hair out by now if I had to solo parent three little ones. I had two, only ten months apart and it was a challenge. I'm sure you live though the way you write, calm and peaceful.

    Happy Autumn to you. ♥

  • Zena

    Your warm slippers, flannel sheets, a burning fireplace, fallen leaves, slow cooking and immune boosting preparation are the same scenes in our family life over in the Snowy Mountains. Oh you must be glad hubby is back; three weeks is a long time especially with three kids. I remember counting the minutes and hours on rough days for hubby to come home when I just had one child and he was only away for one work day:) Blessings to you and your beautiful family xx

  • Bron Maxabella

    I feel like autumn has finally arrived. All that wet was just winter-depressing, but now that magical autumn light is glowing through the drifting foliage and I'm reminded just why autumn will always be my favourite season. x

  • Eleanor Holmes

    It's so strange that as we enter are in the height of spring here in the UK, you are diving into autumn. Regardless, I love the way you capture the changing of the seasons – it's something I try to do as often as possible, making sure to notice those little things.

  • Reply

    These are so very lovely! And good for you for managing all this with the children while you're on your own! Enjoy your cosy abode…looks inviting for the season 🙂

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