winter blues…but it’s almost spring

Last week I was lamenting about the fact that I had nothing to write about when I realised that it was simply a seasonal lull; an annual occasion that forces me to sit back, be ok with said wordlessness and wait for the energy and inspiration to return. Rather than get all ho-hum about it I decided to look forward, make plans, muster energy for the season ahead. And then, after days of low grey skies and intermittent rain we have sun, a gentle breeze and warmth. I think it may be the very first signs of spring. What a relief!

Percy was born in the first week of autumn so we have nested and nurtured in the cold months; a hibernation of sorts. I must admit, I have enjoyed the synchronicity of it all. And now as he reaches this new stage of awareness, we venture into spring…time to throw open the windows, peel away the layers (both literal and metaphorical) and prepare for a moving baby in the coming months (oh how life is about to change).

Freesias always represent spring to me so when Daniel returned home with these beauties hiding behind his back my mood lifted immediately. Honestly, is there anything quite as powerful as a bunch of flowers to induce happiness and brighten the home? I don’t think there is. In their own way, they heralded the new season and prompted much thought about the imminent new-season clean. I have plans, friends, and they begun today. After my morning walk and coffee I got stuck into the laundry which has become a dumping ground for beach paraphernalia, linen, cleaning products and clothes (from all seasons, in all sizes, in various stages of cleanliness). It was time to get to the bottom of the laundry pile and figure out a new system because the old one was an absolute fail. Whilst driving the other day I realised that the main source of mess in the house is clean laundry; clothes waiting to be folded and/or put away take up most of the room on our lounge and often end up strewn across the floor. It was time to put an end to it so I pulled everything out of the laundry, sorted it all out and put it back in in the most orderly fashion. And now? There’s room to sort and fold all the clean laundry which means when it does enter the house it goes straight to the designated wardrobe. And we have our lounge back.

Hope your weekend is sunny…

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    Perth is freezing, but sunny. We just spent the afternoon all rugged up collecting shells at the beach. Lovely.

  • katiecrackernuts

    How adorable that Daniel arrived home with a bunch of freesias.
    Ah, yes, the laundry. Four kids, one of them a sweaty boy, we had daily mountains of washing. My partner and I were marvelling just last weekend how we managed to keep on top of it. Thankfully they're all doing their own thing – and washing now.

    • Jodi

      The roses came from him, too 🙂
      The washing really is quite insane…but little people tend to get dirty quickly. And I forgot that small babies spew on your clothes, hence you change more than usual. I just got a new washing machine and can I say that the 15 + 30minute cycles have made the washing rigmarole so much easier! x

  • aluminiumgirl

    I always feel like I can function better if I am on top of the laundry, or if the laundry is at least manageable. When it is overflowing piles of clean/dirty/misc it causes me all kinds of stress. I am presently, thank you to a glorious day today – on top of my laundry. Feels so good.

    There's forecast another bout of cold coming after this weekend, but soon enough, Spring will tumble through.

    • Jodi

      It feels good, doesn't it. And the sun was so beautiful today…it made me very happy x

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