a humbling post-partum practise

I got back on the mat yesterday after a rather long hiatus.

I confess that I find it quite difficult to practise at home; very un-zen of me, I know. But when I’m on the mat I look around and can’t help but notice the dusty floors, the odd piece of lego, the pile of unfolded washing out of the corner of my eye. It always seems like there is something more important to attend to. However, with the arrival of Percy I know that getting to the studio for a class is a good few months (and a fair amount of planning) away. I can get on the mat at home or not practise at all.

So, with a freshly washed mat (I soak it in the laundry sink with water and a bit of lavender oil) I set up in the front room. Percy sat in his rocker at the top of my mat, his eyes following me as I moved up and down, side to side. It was a very stereotypical mum-practises-yoga-at-home scene; toys and books scattered to my right, a dining table decorated with breakfast plates, cups and tiny bits of eggshell to my left and a baby keeping a watchful eye on my alignment.

I maintained a somewhat focussed mindset as I moved through some gentle limbering asanas (my goodness, my upper body is sore!) and then stood in tasasana (tree pose) in preparation for some sun salutations. I enjoy a vinyasa practise; flowing in and out of poses, warming up and actually feeling my body; the way it aches, the tension, the tightness. After spending nine months focussing solely on my self and the baby I was growing, I am now so caught up in Percy that any awareness of my own body has well and truly disappeared; hence the dire need for yoga.

Once I was moving, rather clumsily, through sun salutations I was feeling quite good about my body; my hips felt strong, I could still fold over and touch my toes. But then – plank pose. I moved from downward dog and prepared to gradually lower myself into plank before lifting into up dog but instead I just flopped onto the mat. Arm and core strength – zero.

I laughed at my floppy plank. Yes, I am the yoga teacher collapsed on the mat; a grounding practise if ever there was one.

It’s time to return to yoga at the kitchen sink (especially apt considering I don’t have a dishwasher).

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  • Malayka

    Good on you for doing it at home! I keep pulling my mat out with the intention of doing some pregnancy yoga but so far it hasn't happened. I have started going to a really nice Saturday morning class now and am finding that even more than the exercising it is the relaxation that is doing me so much good! I almost want to cry and beg the teacher to let me stay longer when the class is up because I'm in such a delicious bliss bubble that I know will pop as soon as I head out into everyday life again! It's also nice to have a bit of quiet time to focus on the baby once a week, because half the time I'm so busy running after a toddler I forget that I'm even pregnant (okay well by now the belly is making it harder to forget, but the focus isn;t the same!).

  • Steph Bond-Hutkin

    So great getting back into it Jodi. I can't find a class near me that suits, so have been mucking through a bit here and there between visits to my parents (my Mum is a teacher). A few sun salutations after every shower is helping though! And tadasana brushing teeth. I'd love someone to recommend me some good online classes.

    • One Flew Over

      Little Percy looks gorgeous Jodi and enjoy the time on the mat…no matter the outcome 😉 x

  • Zena

    You've described how I feel after having children, completely out of touch with my body and it wasn't until I started seeing a chiropractor that she alerted me to the fact I have been sleeping in a very bad position that was in fact giving me pain. I also have a yoga mat I place in the lounge room but my toddler rolls all over me when I try to follow the dvd. It's always nice to hear someone else have the same conundrums. It will be good when us mamas can get away a few hours a week for a class. But in the mean time, yes, yes yoga at the kitchen. Love this!

  • Reply

    Good on you for getting back to it. I'd hate to think of what my body would be swearing at me if I tried.

  • Gaby

    Ha, I've face planted more than once on my yoga mat 😉

    I never used to be able to practice at home, but I've totally embraced it lately. Now that I'm feeling better, I'm getting to the studio for one class a week, and then doing a home practice 4 or 5 times a week. But the only way I manage is by watching classes online (I use this site: http://www.gaiamtv.com), otherwise I'm not motivated at all. They have some specific postnatal classes that I really love, you should check it out x

  • Sfwebb

    Fantastic post – good to know it isn't just me feeling like this! 7 weeks into life with no3 and sleep is still far more tempting than getting out my mat, especially as my 2&5 year olds climb all over me so getting some me time in a flow isn't really possible…?! Thanks for sharing:-)

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