A hand-dyed egg from pre-school that cracked within minutes of being home. A dishevelled nest the perfect resting place for such needy beauty.

I’m not even going to hint at the metaphors exuding the crumbling shell and wabi-sabi nest but I will say that packing boxes and not knowing where we’ll unpack them is quite disconcerting.

We’re getting closer and closer to our move date and yet the right house hasn’t made an appearance just yet. We’re going to rent for another six months because rushing into buying seems foolish so we’re painstakingly checking the real estate website and hoping (praying!) that something surfaces.

Today I packed all the non-essential kitchen items, taped up the boxes and piled them against the wall. Small, significant steps. But as my fingers got black from newspaper print and the cupboards started to look bare, I realised how important a house is. Creating a home and building a nest is such a primal experience for me; without it I feel lost.

There’s so much to do at the moment and there are nothing but late nights for the foreseeable future. But, there are chocolate eggs and hot cross buns just around the corner, a lovely long weekend and the promise of an afternoon nap (or two!), fresh mornings and cooler, autumnal days and promising work opportunities awaiting my attention.

On the Easter long weekend nine years ago we inspected a house that we had found in the local paper. We ended up living there for seven-and-a-half years.

I’ll happily forgo the eggs this year, so long as I can have a nest to feather.

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  • Katrina@capturingmoments

    Thinking of you all Jodi. It's not a fun time moving house and the stresses of the unknown. I'm certain though that all will fall into place…and in the meantime there is chocolate and warm cups of tea. Much love xxx
    P.S not sure which areas you're hoping to find something in but there are a few over our way that look reasonable.

  • Debby Brady

    Oh Jodi sending lots of positive vibes that the next house you see is right. Enjoy the Hot Cross Buns. Xx

  • Ronnie

    Thinking of you, Jodi!!
    Ronnie xo

  • Michelle

    Best wishes to you and your little tribe…we are in a similar situation. The (rented) house we have called home for the past 6 years recently sold and we were given 35 days to vacate! Luckily, after much searching, we have found a place. At present we are up to our ears in boxes and mess. I'm enjoying the de-clutter aspect – an Easter cleanse! We'll both be packing boxes this Easter! Fingers crossed a house finds you soon!

  • Abby

    You will find what just the place you need. Hard as it can be, try not to worry xo

  • Roo

    Not rushing into a purchase is very smart and I give you credit for not pulling the trigger to have that settled feeling.
    I think that many would. That egg is lovely. They schools have stepped up their crafting game since I last had experience.
    May you find a find a place soon and have many years of joyous memories there.

  • katiecrackernuts

    We lived on the coast for a year before we started looking for the house that we were to make home. That seems a lifetime ago, but as we near paying our 'povo house' off – the name by way of the children who lived and grew and flew from this place – we're pretty thrilled that we waited and watched and learned the place that would suit our needs best. We've loved this house and before us it was home to only one other family, a family of four boys. It seemed fitting our four would grow here and that now it still is home to those who need to return for shelter and sustenance and to grow well again, with a little one in tow to make it his own for the moment. I hope you find your place soon.

  • Reply

    I can relate to the feeling of wanting a nest for your family. I will cross my fingers that the right house is just around the corner.

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