“A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2012.”
Honest captures that so aptly describe my children this week. All credit goes to Tim; who never fails to photograph life in all its wonder.Che: Stick + string = bow. Adventure boy.
Poet: Pulling herself up to standing; pursed lips, intent gaze. And a bunny on her jumpsuit – for Easter.

On the topic of Easter, Che declared me the greatest mum in the world this morning. Apparently placing a tray of white paint at the door was genius. That bunny! – he left footprints all over the house! Daniel on the other hand thought I was completely mad. “We live in a rental and you’re painting the floorboards?!”

As for the sugar loot  –  half a chocolate bunny ear was enough to cause a meltdown of epic proportions earlier today. I watched on in horror as Che went from happy to sad to irritable to angry in a matter of minutes. Tears followed and then we decided that a carrot and a glass of water was probably best (bunny food). I’m all for sweet treats in moderation but watching Che’s reaction was proof that sugar can be cruel.

I hope you’re enjoying a lovely Easter – preferably without the emotional rollercoaster.


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  • Mariella

    Happy Easter to you too!

  • tea with lucy

    happy easter dearest. don't get me started on my sugar soapbox…

    rachel xo

  • Kate

    Happy Easter to you! We'll be celebrating in a few hours in the states! Hoping for no meltdowns 😉

  • Reply

    We managed to avoid chocolate overload with only two mini eggs consumed. We hunted plastic eggs filled with chickens and stickers and painted egg shells. I know how irritable I get with too much sugar in my blood, can only imagine how it would affect a wee child. Happy Easter to you, Daniel and your gorgeous two.

  • Sarah

    Happy Easter.
    Gorgeous photos. Especially great shot of Che.
    Only a couple of small eggs were consumed this year, and they were too sickly sweet as the only chocolate I normally eat his 70% dark. Didn't even have any hot cross buns and they were not missed at all.

  • Meagan

    EXACT SAME SENTIMENTS ON SUGAR. North had about two mini chocolate eggs this morning and broke down in tears afterwards. And poor, poor Indigo- she lost the plot a number of times until we had to put her down for an early morning nap. My kids are just not used to sugar highs and even the smallest amount more than usual sends them over the edge. Every year I feel guilty because I haven't bought excessive amounts of chocolate (one small egg sized chocolate each and a couple minis) but they are gifted so much more from friends and family and I end of confiscating the majority of it. That cheap chocolate is exactly as Sarah put it- sickly sweet.

    Your little ones are growing fast and SO gorgeous. What a treat to have Tim bless your presence again! xo m.

  • Catherine

    This images are beautiful and Poet is growing so fast, pulling herself up already how exciting. Easter is a lovely time to get together with loved ones but the chocolate excess I don't like much either. I hope you are enjoying your long weekend. Happy Easter to you and your family. x

  • Honey Jones-Hughes

    Such beautiful photographs, especially the top one-how wonderful! Happy Easter.

  • katiecrackernuts

    My folks did Santa bootprints through powder on the floor in the bathroom when I was little. I don't recall it but it's family lore. I never twigged in the retelling of this as a child but my mother would never allow powder to remain on the bathroom floor. Funny what we parents do isn't it? We told our 21 year old that the bunny left nice warm PJs and socks at the front door. Must have been the bunny, who else?

  • Michelle Richard

    What a stunning photo of Ché!! He looks like Mowgli from The Jungle Book.

  • Lady Cordelia

    that first shot.
    Oh. My. Goodness.

  • tamaraerbacher

    Sweet Sweet Sweet. xxt

    ps. the whole chocolate thing…happened here too… Happy Easter.

  • look see

    I've heard so many similar comments about the chocolate from my friends who have kidlets – I don't think I ever realised that's what it's like! Maybe the chocolate should be saved just for the grownups! 😉

  • infusionfibers

    Happy Easter. Your children are so beautiful! Sugar can indeed be cruel. We had an impromptu ice cream cone from the local ice creamery recently, and both of us (adults) had terrible sugar high crashes. I thought of all the poor kids who are subjected to ridiculous amounts (which really can be relatively very small amounts) of sugar and then scolded for acting poorly. And how they must feel in their tiny bodies!

  • Lizeylou

    Happy Easter to you and your lovely family.
    We love a good carrot in this house too!!

  • Unknown

    You should try flour. That's what my mum used to do, then you only get bunny flour prints around the house. Happy easter! kirstin

  • Farrah

    Thank you lovely Jodi for stopping by my blog. You are far too kind! your photos and your children are amazing! will be spending the next oh few hours going through your posts! hah. So very much looking forward to reading your blog.
    with love, Farrah.

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