while we wait

Late pregnancy is so different this time ’round. We’re in the thick of winter, heading towards the end of school holidays and I’m attempting to nest and spruce and tidy. And yet [...]

37 weeks

Our friend Tim Coulson spent a few hours with us on Friday morning…at our favourite beach in bright, winter light. I wanted to capture this moment in time as we’re on the cusp of [...]

late pregnancy home days

I’m officially in the later stages of pregnancy and experiencing sudden bursts of energy interspersed with days of complete exhaustion. I forgot about the pain of rolling over in bed at [...]

how to plan a babymoon

Not to be confused with the second trimester holiday that has cheekily adopted the term, a traditional babymoon is a dedicated period of rest after the birth of your baby. The new mother and her [...]

hello third trimester

As I near 29weeks I’m conscious of savouring this last trimester…resisting the temptation to count down the days till we meet this mid-winter baby. Regardless of my growing belly (I [...]