This is Home

I’ve written this entire blog – years of musings – within my home. Indeed, the concept of making a home has been a common thread throughout my posts; raising children, cooking [...]

raising competent kids

I spent a whole day in Poet’s Montessori classroom last week; a rare and wonderful opportunity. I was there to take photos but I also had the privilege to quietly observe and listen. It was [...]

create an entranceway

..or should we just cut to the chase and call it a dumping ground? Because that's exactly what it is; somewhere to dump bags, shoes, keys and hats before you make your way into the home.

create a pantry stockpile

One of the things our new house has in abundance is storage – even in the kitchen. My pantry is a room unto itself with floor to ceiling shelves and a sliding door. It’s a great place [...]

we love our apple corer

When Che first started Montessori in 2010, we were introduced to the magic that is an apple corer. Who knew that a rather medieval looking kitchen appliance could spark such interest! Years later [...]