grommets, again

A few weeks ago Daniel and I noticed, at almost exactly the same moment, that Poet couldn’t hear us very well. We’d been at her specialist only a few weeks previous and at that [...]

art with pre-schoolers

The past few days have been spent indoors while the wind rattled the windows and torrential rain fell. The ground is officially soggy and our moods are much the same. Thank goodness for new art [...]

picture books

I gave in to temptation whilst packing Poet’s books today and opened a few of my favourites. Beautiful stories and whimsical illustrations; so many of my motherhood memories etched into [...]

this little girl

after months without it I finally have my beloved 50mm 1.4 lens back (Daniel managed to pull it apart and fix it – a painstaking operation) / Poet wears the cloche hat that I wore in my [...]