late pregnancy home days

I’m officially in the later stages of pregnancy and experiencing sudden bursts of energy interspersed with days of complete exhaustion. I forgot about the pain of rolling over in bed at [...]

knitting a baby blanket

I come from a long line of knitters. My mum’s side of the family are experts and have created the most beautiful beanies, jumpers and cardigans for the kids. I recently started knitting my [...]

the lemon tree

Percy’s beanie is from Nature Baby and his cardigan (which has been in the family for five years!) is from babaa I took Percy to the lemon tree yesterday. It grows in a garden on the street [...]

a catch-up day

Just as I know that winter will bring the cold, I’ve come to expect a seasonal lull around this time each year. Word on the street is that some of us (most of us?) are feeling a little [...]

it’s all wintry here

Che and Poet have just come home from a mini-break with my parents. Once a year they visit a little seaside town a few hours north and stay in the very same holiday park I visited as a kid. It [...]

my go-to winter remedies

serenity tea and handmade cup from the very generous The Golden Heart Gift Company Every second person is coughing. Or sneezing. Or apologising profusely for their symptoms as they breathe into [...]