take what you need

I’ve always been a bit superstitious, so much so that I don’t ever condone new shoes on tables or open umbrellas inside. On the flipside, I believe that the universe gives us what we [...]

bali street

  I’ve been posting photos from Bali on instagram and when I flicked through them yesterday, I realised that they weren’t telling the whole story. If you’ve never been to [...]

I’ll do that later

So, it seems I’ve figured out the difference between people like myself and those sparkling Type-A personalities who seem to have everything done all of the time (regardless of whether or [...]

on task

I wrote a to-do list last night that was so long and overwhelming that I promptly threw it in the bin. I’m not sure if I’d file that technique under stupidity or simplicity but either [...]

sensing a shift

The past fews days have been beautiful; because I’ve realised that my priorities right now are so wildly different to what they were a few months ago. And with such a realisation comes a [...]

knowing my limits

The first step to simplifying your life: know your limits. In this age of doing it all and chasing success it’s quite difficult to stand up and say: “Actually, I can’t do that [...]