grommets, again

A few weeks ago Daniel and I noticed, at almost exactly the same moment, that Poet couldn’t hear us very well.

We’d been at her specialist only a few weeks previous and at that appointment he confirmed that both grommets were still in place and her ear drums were clear. But I made another appointment anyway and our suspicions were confirmed; within the fortnight one grommet had fallen out and fluid had already made its way behind the ear drum.

Yesterday we had another check-up and as we suspected, she’ll need grommets again, 11 months after she first had them inserted (and tonsils and adenoids removed). The operation is quick and straightforward and only requires a day stay. And lucky for us, her operation is happening just a few days after our health fund’s 12 month waiting period – phew!

Of course, I’m feeling apprehensive as any parent does at the thought of their child going under anaesthesia but I know it’s for the best. She obviously has very narrow eustachian tubes (the tube that runs from the nose to the ear), hence fluid builds up easily.

I’ve had so many readers contact me recently and ask for advice about the grommet/tonsil/adenoid operation. I always reassure them because it was the best thing we could have done for Poet. I can’t tell you how much healthier she has been this year; she is a happy, engaged, enthusiastic and funny little girl. And I know that early next month when we head back to the hospital, she’ll no longer feel pressure in her ears and she’ll be able to hear everything we say.

If your little one is preparing for a grommet/tonsil/adenoid operation, these may be helpful:

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  • simplelife

    My son had grommets when he was 4, it was without a doubt the best thing we did for him. His hearing assessment prior to the operation said he was at an educational disadvantage. The amount of fluid that came out of his ears over the next 48 hours or so was amazing, poor little thing no wonder he didn't hear us. And the antibiotic, late night ear ache induced screaming merry-go-round we were on stopped immediately. He was fortunate and only needed the one lot. He is now 22 and almost finished his economics degree, who knows what his school years would have been like if I had let him struggle through with a significant hearing disadvantage and lost time due to ear pain etc.

    cheers Kate

  • Luckybeans

    Poor poppet! But so glad you are both such observant parents. I had ear drainage issues throughout my life (still!), and I've learned that it's due to tiny shifts in my jaw or neck joint, tendons, etc because of hypermobility. To correct this, I see an osteopath, which seems like magic every time! It might be worth looking into, especially as it is much gentler (and in my experience much more effective) than chiropratics (and even grommets as I've gotten older).

  • Feeling Fuzzy?

    Perfect timing Jodi – our little boy is having his grommets put in next month. I wondered if you have any tips about post-care – keeping water out of little ears seems like a challenge!

    • Jodi

      Absolutely no water! We use ear plugs and a swimming ear band (most big chemists sell them) in the bath, shower and when swimming. You have to be really careful as any amount of water can remove the grommet x

  • Feeling Fuzzy?

    Thanks Jodi! Just glad it's not swimming weather yet!

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