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It’s strange and wonderful to have my book out in the world. I’ve been working on it for over 18months so it’s really lovely to know that its being flicked through and pondered and read. I suppose you never really know what to expect when you put a project like this out into the world but one thing is certain; it’s probably more relevant now than it was a year ago. It’s the story of It’s now available through all booksellers – big bookstores, independent bookstores, lifestyle shops and department stores. If you don’t have the budget to buy new, request a copy at your local library. There’s an entire chapter dedicated to my love of libraries (and their importance as a community hub) so I definitely encourage you to visit your local and request/borrow Practising Simplicity.

Publication week coincided with us moving into our new home so as we unpacked, discovered a mouse in the kitchen and tried to find all manner of things hiding in boxes, I was regularly running out to the car for radio and podcast interviews. It was a glorious mess – a very unpredictable kind of busy – and now that the children are back at school and the house is quiet, I’m left with space to write. There’s still boxes to rifle through and the hallway has more clutter than I’d like but, you know, small steps. For now, we’re in this grateful kind of awe that we own a house, that we love it, that we have the opportunity to see how the light changes throughout the day (and across the seasons) and that we can hang photos and paint walls and plant herbs without requesting permission.

If you would like to know a little more about my book before you purchase it, you can hear me talk about it (and our experience travelling in a caravan) on the following podcasts:

Body + Soul Extra Healthy-ish,

Feed Play Love (more geared towards parents with young children)

Secrets of Successful Business (Justine is a great interviewer)

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