Etsy for Mother’s Day

Considering we’re trying to cull our belongings, I’m not wanting or expecting any gifts for Mother’s Day. But I admit, I am very looking forward to croissants and coffee, handmade cards and an afternoon nap.

The not wanting a gift is a new thing for me and I admit, it’s a really nice place to be. I used to be a bit of an over-achiever when it came to spending; and all that spending was driven by so much wanting. Over a year ago, when work significantly slowed, I curbed my spending habits out of necessity and subsequently stopped looking for things to buy.

Granted, there were still things I saw that I really, really liked but instead of instantly buying them I’d step back, think about them, consider whether they were worth the money, and, in most cases, decide I didn’t need them after-all.

I think this might be conscious consumerism. Close to it, anyway.

But the necessity bit? Well, no doubt it’s a common story for many of you. Because when you’ve got a bit of spare cash, there’s usually a long list of things that are required before you buy yourself something; we do tend to come after the outgrown kids shoes, seasonal clothing necessities, school requirements etc

So when the fabulous team at Etsy reached out to see if I’d like to give away a $100 voucher, I knew that it would be perfect for one of my readers.

Because spoiling yourself on something handmade would have to be one of the best Mother’s Day gifts, don’t you think?

To enter, just tell me in the comments what you would buy with the voucher and why you want it.

Me? I think I would get myself something from NotPerfectLinen – I think this dress or maybe this simple top.

I’ll announce the winner on Sunday morning so if you do get a chance for some Etsy perusal on Mother’s Day, you can have yourself a little spending spree.

Good luck!

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