Sunday, July 27, 2014


"A portrait of my daughter, once a week, every week, in 2014."

Poet: obligatory 'first day of preschool' photo and she opts to pose like a dancer, of course. Carrying her personalised name bag that for obvious reasons didn't require any labelling. 



Friday, July 25, 2014

in other places

I think I'm going to come out and say it: I'm getting a little tired of winter. Sure I love the hearty meals, copious cups of tea and snuggling under layers of wool but the novelty wears off after a while. The sky has been low and grey for the past few days and I'm completely unmotivated as a result. In between reading and ticking off a few chores I've been turning my thoughts to spring because let's face it; it's not far off. I've got a little something planned for this space that I'll post about next week in celebration of the fresh, new season; something I'm quite excited about (I think you'll like it!).

I admit that I've steered clear of many news sites this week; so much devastation and heartache that I find so hard to process. The journalist in me wants to read all the facts but my own true self takes it all to heart and well, it's best to turn my gaze elsewhere. Sometimes you have to light a candle and then focus on the good in your own small world.

In other places:

I stress this message to my students: women need a year to recover from childbirth
no doubt you have already read about the village but if not, please do.
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Pip brought the ever-bubbling issue to the surface: yes, creatives and bloggers do need to make money.
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I received this beauty box in the mail a few days ago - a great way to trial organic beauty products.

I've got pizza on the menu tonight and a lazy weekend of not much at all planned (except maybe a market visit). Have a good one!


Tuesday, July 22, 2014

simply practical : bag it

When you have an abundance of citrus fruit and a lack of bench space there's only one solution: bag it.

The ever-so-practical string bag is one of my favourite household items. I usually have a string bag hanging somewhere in the kitchen - on a hook or over a chair - and it holds everything from just-picked citrus fruits to onions, kumera and garlic (these hemp soap bags are great for garlic, ginger or limes).

I hang a string bag off hooks in the bathroom to hold face washers and hand towels (we have a lack of shelving), in the garage to hold the beach toys and in my wardrobe to hold scarves. 

The bag above was found in an op-shop but I also have these produce bags and a few of these for my weekly shopping trip.

Do you share my odd love of string bags?


Monday, July 21, 2014

around here

more than one fairy? A charm or tizzy of fairies

We had planned to have Poet's party at the local park but come Saturday morning it was cold, blustery and grey clouds were looming. In between mixing cupcake batter and icing a chocolate cake I kept looking out the window, hoping for the clouds to part and the wind to calm. I'm so bad at making decisions on the spot but I knew that I had to give myself enough time to clean the house if we did decide that an outdoor party wasn't appropriate. Eventually I stepped outside and after two minutes in the wind decided that an indoor party in our tiny house would be best (and more importantly, comfortable). Cue mad rush to get the house in some kind of presentable order. Ah! It was such an efficient and effective method of cleaning I think I may use it on a weekly basis.

Our first guest was our 11-year-old friend, Sahri. She's a young entrepreneur having started her face painting business a few months ago. She saved up to buy the best quality face paints, charges $20 an hour and uses all her income to pay for her dance classes. Isn't that inspiring! She painted the most beautiful and delicate flowers on all the fairies' faces and then puffed a little glitter into their hair. Poet was in awe of all the pretty. 

Once the fairies had danced and eaten we headed to our neighbours garden for a few photos (and to look for garden fairies in magnolia blooms). And then it was time to say goodbye, put the kettle on and collapse on the lounge. Goodness, as simple as you keep it a child's birthday party is still tiring for a muma - I'm so glad we only do it once every two years! 

We had a quiet Sunday which was exactly what I needed considering Poet started pre-school today. I'm still in shock that we're firmly in this "next stage" - one at school, one at pre-school, two lunches to pack, drop-offs and pick-ups to coordinate. It's busy, yes, but it also means I have definite child-free time every week to work and for that I'm very grateful. Poet was ready for pre-school 6 months ago so I wasn't at all surprised this morning when she kissed Daniel and I goodbye, walked off and didn't look back. But she didn't look back! - still slightly sad about her absolute independence.

I suppose now is a good time to ask: how do you calmly coordinate school and pre-school? Any tips I should keep in mind? Beautiful Ruth just wrote on my facebook page: " is such a challenge keeping un-busy a priority when just our day to day 'must-dos' demand otherwise." I couldn't agree more. 

I hope your Monday has been kind.


Monday, July 21, 2014

family favourite : how to prepare your car for a newborn

Sweet little Blake, an apt choice for this post considering he was born in the front seat of his mum's car 4 weeks ago.

This post is part of the Paint the Town Ford challenge in conjunction with Kidspot and Voices 2014 (thanks so much to those who nominated me). I'm driving the Ford Ecosport Titanium for the next six weeks - a zippy, compact SUV that's incredibly fuel efficient and has keyless entry (every mother's favourite car feature). 
Don't fret, Ford, no babies were born in the loan vehicle. 


Sunday, July 20, 2014


"A portrait of my daughter, once a week, every week, in 2014."

Poet: surrounded by her family and friends on her third birthday, she was overcome with joy as we  sang her Happy Birthday. 

One of the most beautiful things I have ever witnessed; happiness is birthdays and candles and fairies and singing. 

Poet has been joy from the get-go. 


Sunday, July 13, 2014


"A portrait of my daughter, once a week, every week, in 2014."

Poet: after making fresh juice (orange, carrot, celery, beetroot) and drinking it all up, the teatowel was the best option for wiping her face.

I took lots of photos of her this week but this one was my favourite; for its normality. 

Apologies that this post is late - so many reasons but well, better late than never.


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