spring reading


I am not fine because I’ve just finished Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine and now I’m in the funny place between a fabulous read and the next-book-on-the-list and, well, it’s an odd place to be.

Next up was Lab Girl but now I’m thinking I might reach for something a bit different. This is a common scenario when it comes to my reading habits; I finish a glorious book and mourn the fact that it’s over. But then, if I don’t pick up another book within the day, I fall out of my reading habit. Strange but true.

My usual at-home habits have been replaced with school holiday laziness these past few days. It’s so good to lay about in bed in the morning without the need to usher kids through their chores and, eventually, out the door. Sleep-ins followed by late breakfasts inevitably become PJ days and frankly, they’re an essential part of any school holiday rhythm.

Yesterday we deep cleaned Poet + Percy’s room which literally involved taking everything out of the wardrobes and off the shelves and out into the sunshine. Blankets and pillows and mattresses followed suit. It felt so good to wipe the slate clean (and finally cart the musty Sale of the Century board game off to the op-shop!) but I was alarmed with the array of miscellany that peppered the backyard.

With new-to-us plans currently taking hold, we culled and cleaned with vengeance. The kids did most of the sorting with us, professing their love for toys that had been long-forgotten and pushed to the back of the wardrobe, as is always the way. But thanks to Daniel and his organised ways, we completed the job just before the sun set and now I smile every time I peek into the dust and clutter-free room.

With warmer weather becoming the norm, I’ve had to buy a few summery items for the kids’ wardrobes. If you’re like me and have a girl who loves to wear skirts and hang upside down on the monkey bars, I highly recommend these floral-lined short dungarees – perfect with a tee or “pretty top”, as is Poet’s preference.

Percy’s wearing Poet’s hand-me-downs…linen overalls, a tee and Saltwaters – summer sorted.



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