sorting, washing and drying baby clothes



After two weeks of grey, we’ve had a run of perfect wintry days just right for sorting, washing and folding baby clothes.

There’s less than a month till my due date and with every little task that gets ticked off the list I’m feeling more content and prepared. On Saturday when I stood back and watched teeny, tiny newborn onesies drying in the sun, I realised that it was one of my very favourite sights. And in the same moment, I was so aware of the fact that this will, most probably, be the last time I go about such a beloved ritual.

I’m going to find it hard to stop having babies, if I’m completely honest.

This pregnancy has gone so fast and as I get to the profound waddling stage I’m soaking in all the good that comes with the uncomfortable; strong baby kicks, little feet pushing, growing anticipation and, along with it, love – so much love.

The age gap between Percy and the baby will be our smallest (by far) and so we’re entering new territory as we attempt to prepare a toddler for the imminent arrival of a baby. I wake up every morning with Percy literally attached to my back so in the next few weeks we have to entice him into his toddler bed. So far? No go! Am I concerned? Not at all. It will all work out, someway and somehow.

From here on in it’s all food preparation, afternoon naps, the final few rows on the baby’s blanket and packing the hospital bag. And school holidays….which at 38 weeks pregnant is going to be interesting to say the least.

Countdown is on…