“A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2012.”
Che: wandering and chatting. It’s what we do.

Poet: birthday morning breakfast with accompanying ooooooohsIf you have started your own 52 project then please leave a link in the comments section…

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  • Dilan Dilir

    they are so pretty 🙂 love the photos!

  • Lauren Knight

    I cannot get enough of your portraits. Each one is so beautiful. Love Che's hat!

  • sascedar

    such beautiful light, i'm so enjoying watching your little ones grow. inspired, i've joined in! http://happinessstuffandnonsense.blogspot.com.au/search/label/portrait%20project thanks for the reminder to record the little things :)sarah

  • Sarah

    Beautiful <3
    Wishing I had my own little's to photograph…for now I'm more than happy to oooooh and ahhhh over yours.

  • Dee

    the wandering and chatting…i miss that.
    it is difficult with 5 little voices wanting to "chatter" all at the same time. i've become aware that my 'chatting' has mostly become 'telling' these days… 🙁
    so, hold on to it and maintain that chatting, it's essential xo

  • Tessa White

    Loving this idea Jodie.. joining on Wednesdays over on my blog 🙂

  • Gaby

    I love the light in the shot of Che, beautiful x

  • Shelley

    Just gorgeous, a usual. I live the uniqueness of each of your portraits. All just a little different. Mine always tend to end up looking the same!

  • Natalie

    Oh Poet's hair and lips are just delicious. I am joining in today with you – thank you for the inspiration x


  • Kristina

    beautiful pictures of both of them! always looking forward to your 52 posts!

  • one claire day

    Beautiful shot of Che – all creamy, neutral perfection. I see what you mean about the face creating the shadow. Very clever! xx

  • Rachel

    Your littles are so sweet…I don't know how you can only pick one photo of each of them every week! I tried limiting myself to one a week but couldn't. I'm doing my own 52 here: http://www.wokabout.net

  • Victoria

    They are so beautiful. I have just started my own, after admiring yours so much, I had to join in. http://victoriashhh.blogspot.com.au/2012/07/a-new-project-152.html

  • ledansla

    Beautiful !

  • Mariana

    That's such a great idea! I guess it will be a very satisfactory and pleasant feeling once you look back and check their "evolution"! And they are lovely, by the way! :))

  • samantha cabrera

    Love your posts, Jodi. I am a new reader from the USA, and I think this series is just lovely. I am inspired to maybe start one of my own next year. Much love to you, inspiring woman! xxx Samantha

  • Yellow Finch Designs

    these are simply beautiful!

  • Belinda

    Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. I think I'll start this week.
    Thank you x

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