“A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013.”
Che: aka Tin Tin at his first Book Week parade. 
Poet: on what will probably be the last cold day of winter (spring has come early) she slowly peels a mandarin near the school gate.
Once Che had paraded around the playground with his classmates (fairies, ladybugs, ninjas, robots and Pippi) he sat back in his chair to watch the rest of the parade. Poet begged to join him so we weaved through the crowd of parents and I watched her climb over seats to get to him. What happened next made my heart melt. Sibling love is a precious thing:
This photo made me excited for all the pool time we’ll get in Bali / nothing quite as sweet as the littlest in the big bed (love the all-white linen) / sweet Cecily sleeping soundly on pretty floral sheets / little boy loves the beach (and how gorgeous are his check overalls?!) / a b+w diptych and that library shot – one of my favourites from the entire year.


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  • Lou Archell

    Oh bless them – and Che with his head buried in Tintin.. x

  • Unknown

    hi Jodi,

    Thanks for mentioning my baby girl's photo.
    Hope you have a great time in Bali, this one was taken in a pool at the foot of Kaiser Mountain in Austria, but Bali sounds very nice too =)

  • Jess

    I can't believe that it's almost spring for you! Winter seems like it flew by.
    I love your little man as Tin Tin.

  • Sarah

    I love how you capture the everyday simple moments. To me, they tell more of their real story and childhood than any posed photo could. Yours are always so precious… and that last one…too sweet.

    I'm not participating in the 52 project, but I have really loved seeing everyone's photos and getting introduced to some very wonderful new (to me) blogs.

    xo Sarah

  • Meryl & Russell McLendon

    Oh, as a mom, I bet moments like the last are the most memorable. I can't wait to see my son and daughter have more moments like that. Also, love the crossed ankles… he is totally absorbed in the adventures of Tin Tin!

  • Mother Down Under

    Oh I just love that photo of the two of them…so sweet.

  • emma

    Oh, so precious! It's the same at our school assemblies, daisy squeals at the sight of willow and promptly crawls over to him to sit on his lap (and be adored by all the others as well of course!)xx

  • summerplayshouse.com

    I think this might be my favorite of Che! What a darling and all those bright colors! Love it!


    Jodi where can I buy some of those precious TBar sandals poet makes them just divine!

    • Jodi

      They are an Italian brand called Pepe – I bought them from smallable.com but they've sold out. I think Caramel Baby + Child has a few different options (link on ad in sidebar). They are expensive but she's literally worn them everyday since they arrived and she's got quite narrow feet so needs the extra support x

  • Sophie Ferdinandsen

    Beautiful images 🙂

  • Steph @ this brown wren

    What darling babies! And such a beautiful bond they share. Hope your week is gorgeous 🙂 xx

  • jasmine

    Oh! I'm so flattered that you shared a link to my photo of Cecily. 🙂 Thank you!

    I love how Che looks like a little man reading the newspaper in his portrait!

  • Kym Piez

    I love this picture of the two cuddling. There is something that melts your heart about the love between your children. x

  • Catherine

    What a beautiful moment captured of your two little ones sharing a cuddle. xx

  • Katrina@capturingmoments

    Poet sitting on Che's lap is enough to make any mother's heart melt.

  • Sarah C.

    I love that Che is dressed up as Tintin – those books were my absolute favorite as a child, along with Asterix & Obelix. I love the shot of Poet, the angle, the pieces of orange on the ground, the colors, everything 🙂

  • freckles

    That is one of the sweetest pictures i've ever seen. This is exactly why i'm trying to convince my husband to give our daughter a sibling, he thinks that due to financial reasons we should stop at one so she can have everything she wants, i believe she'd much prefer the special love of a brother or a sister rather than 'stuff'

    • Jodi

      I couldn't agree more x

  • fritha strickland

    ahh I used to have my head in that same Tintin book, I loved them, and Asterix. Feels like only the other day..not like twenty years ago! x

  • Cassandra Michelin


  • Lottie :: Oyster and Pearl

    Wow, thank you so much for your kind words, Jodi. I really wasn't sure whether to post that picture; I just wanted it to be sharper.

    Sibling love is just so beautiful. It makes my heart sing to see my two being sweet to each other, and that picture of Che and Poet is magic.

  • G

    Does Che always read with his ankles crossed? Such a sweet picture, I love his shoes too – both my brothers had the same black leather velcro ones before they learned to tie their shoelaces.. teamed with the cutest uniform (including long socks, and ties) and bowl cuts.

    And the sibling shot is just beautiful. x

    • Jodi

      He does! I stand like that too when I'm concentrating – terrible for the hip joints! x

  • Amber {we stood together}

    Che with his legs crossed – adorable! That's a perfect reading stance if I ever did see one.
    The sibling shot is beautiful. Bet you are glad you had your camera on the ready for that one 🙂

  • Erica

    Love the colours in both portraits! Lovely!
    And, the sibling love? It melts me. I'm so looking forward to experiencing that for myself!

  • Meagan Wilson

    some of my faves yet jodi. gorgeous of che. x

  • Amanda

    Oh Jodi, that shot of Poet sitting on Che's lap is so precious!! My two have started cuddling one another all the time lately and it is so heart melting to witness 🙂

  • flyingjen

    I love the picture of the two of them together. How special!

  • Caroline

    I love these photos! Love them.

  • Laura

    That last photo of the Poet and Che together just melts my heart. I have a little girl due in November and cannot wait to watch the bond between her and her big brother blossom. x

  • monkeyandsquirrel

    oh my goodness… that is heart melting indeed!

  • Jessica Rebelo

    These pictures are so beautiful, Poet's one made me want to get a clementine right now! I love the colours of it too. I have one child and we are already discussing having a second one, I'm a twin and I know what it is to have someone to rely on for the rest of your live, the siblings relationship is so special! x

  • Erin

    Beautiful pictures! I love the last one – reminds me of my brother & I as kids.

    Erin // http://www.erinoxnam.com/

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