“A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013.”

Che: in his room, gumboots still on, enthralled in a book – an everyday occurrence (as seen in 2012). 
Poet: a beetroot juice moustache, wet sleeves and messy curls…but she loves to ‘wash’ the dishes (in the same spot earlier this year). 

A few weeks ago I wrote about my intention to capture the children in the home. I wanted to be the passer-by documenting them at their most comfortable, in the home that they have grown up in. But we can have intentions as photographers and often they only come to fruition when we’re not trying, when we least expect it. It was only when I was editing these photos (I use Lightroom) that I realised what I had captured: Che in his bedroom, Poet in the kitchen, a b+w diptych celebrating the beautiful mess of home and the little people who live there. These are my favourite portraits of the year; for their honesty and simplicity.


It seems I’m all about windows this week as these three portraits impressed / as did this one, with added reflection and a flamingo swimsuit! / and then there were Limi and Claya dressed as flamingos and sitting in a light-filled vintage suitcase – muted pinks and browns are beautiful / like looking through a window…walking hand-in-hand with a picturesque town beyond / and finally, toddler + paint + vintage sheet = happiness.



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  • Gaby

    love the black and white. i'm thinking that i need to get a camera like yours, a backup for my canon that has now broken for the 2nd time in less than a year (right on time for our trip to south america, aargh!). you said that they're kind of exy now that people have discovered how great they are, right?


    • Jodi

      Not very expensive…try ebay as I'm not sure you can get the gf1 in stores now (I think panasonic is up to gf6 if I remember rightly). But as you know, it's all about the lens, so get the 20mm 1.7 (pancake lens) x

    • Sarah

      Hi, so sorry to butt in on your conversation! We have just had our camera nicked and I'm looking for a good replacement. I'm too lazy to lug around big digital SLR cameras and our sony was small, a bit like the one in your recent 'wearing' post. I'm interested to hear if you'd recommend it…I like taking pictures, for my work and blog etc, but a really fancy camera is wasted on me as it is often left on auto… But I had seen a gf1 on ebay for a good price and with the 20mm 1.7 lens you speak off. Is that the bees knees of lenses? And if so why?!!
      Thank you! Sarah

  • JoKnows

    Really gorgeous portraits. The children will no doubt come to cherish these looks at their childhood days. 🙂

  • Mother Down Under

    Before I read your words, I thought the same thing…I love photos with the business of life in the background…especially kitchen business.
    My photo this week has lots of life in it…crooked frames on the wall and a dirty fridge…at first it bothered me but then I thought, no, that is life.

  • The Stork and The Beanstalk

    These are my favorites of yours thus far… for the same reason they are yours as well… honesty and simplicity are what I value most in photography, and life. Bravo, Jodi… these are great.

  • Bella Mills

    Wow, Jodi. Your portraits are always impressive but this week they seem so honest and true to life (what I imagine life at home for you might look like). Thank you for creating this project, I've stumbled across some incredible blogs that I might have missed out on otherwise.
    Warm wishes from the seaside,
    Bella xx

  • rebucadoacido

    totally true, magic happens when we are not trying, just letting them be themselves and paying attention to the little moments. having a camera close by helps too. gorgeous captures! i also love b&w.
    and thanks for mentioning alice 🙂

  • Steph @ this brown wren

    Perfect in every way. Such simple, true captures of your babies relishing in their life at home. Hope your Sunday is lovely 🙂 xx

  • summerplayshouse.com

    I love these too! I think as an adult, these are the kinds of pictures that children will want to look back on. They not only look at themselves but the background, the toys and materials they once treasured, the special vases or cups that were in their childhood home. I love going through my mom's old albums and picking things out of the backgrounds of photos ("oh remember those hot cocoa mugs?" "what ever happened to that mickey mouse puzzle I had?"). Great shots this week! Always inspiring Jodi!

  • Elsie and Joan

    Agree. Love these, true moments captured and kept for all time. B x

  • Kirsty

    The everyday moments are the most poignant. Beautiful. I keep meaning to do the same, but tell myself I'll just wait till the house is a bit less chaotic. So far it hasn't happened. Maybe I should just bite the bullet and accept the house will never be a bit more tidy…

  • Tahnee


  • Life at no2

    I can definitely see why these would be your favorites! I love everyday type captures!

  • Kym Piez

    Black and white is beautiful. It captures the moment, not the mess 😉 Happy weekend Jodi. x

  • Briseidy

    love thos b&w photos! perfect!

  • Katrina@capturingmoments

    Ooo can Poet come to our place to do my dishes 😉

  • Deborah Lee

    great shots. Love the determined expression of Poet. I think she will be an independent spirit, that one…

  • Saskia

    These are Beautiful natural shots Jodi! Love the one of Poet starring at the camera as if to say – oh nothing…just doing what I do best. cute!
    I edit in Lightroom too, isn't it handy with bulk edits! I have a question, do you store photos in Lightroom or on Desktop/Pictures (Mac/PC?) because I save them on hard-drive then bring them into Lightroom when I get round to editing but I was told this is double-handing…Im confused!

  • Christina Lowry

    Such beautiful, real, photos. xx

  • Max

    I was just saying to my husband how my favourite photographs of me as a child are the one with lots of 'background' clutter-toys, the furniture, everyday ephemera. those things provoke so much reminiscing (and laughter at the retro-ness).
    i love your photographs for what they might mean to your kids in the future x


    Love these Jodi. Real life and real moments and so right in the B/W. This project is such a journey of discovery for us but what the collection will mean to the children is priceless. Happy September and Happy Springtime friend xx

  • Milena S

    I love these portraits Jodi!

  • ...melody...

    These are fabulous! I really love how the b&w shots look and definitely want to give it a try one of these days. 🙂

  • Jennifer

    Oh Jodi I absolutely love these two portraits, you captured such simple yet beautiful moments in your children's life! They will cherish these forever xx

  • flyingjen

    I have tried to also capture the everyday-ness of our lives. My camera broke earlier this year and it is not in the budget to get a new one right now, so I've been using my iphone. And since I always have it with me, I can get some pictures of my daughter just doing her two year old thing. She also likes to "help" do the dishes, but more it is playing in the bubbles.

  • leah.

    what brilliant portraits of such beautiful children! i think these are my favorite ones i have seen from you so far.

  • Amber {we stood together}

    Both beautiful B&Ws Jodi. I really like the expression you caught on Poet's face. She looks as if she was very busy at work and just noticed you were there. A real little window into their worlds and day to day lives.

  • Amanda

    Just beautiful Jodi. I love the simplicity and the sense of the every day which you have managed to capture x

  • Helen

    Thankyou so much for choosing my photo of Little B and his Grumps! I love the way you've captured their personalities in these photos!

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