“A portrait of my daughter, once a week, every week, in 2014.”

Poet: gosh, the drama! A split-second glare before turning her head and raising her eyebrows.
My new camera arrived this week – a Canon 6D with 40mm 2.8 lens (a really affordable and lovely lens, in my opinion). Daniel is shooting the entire tv series on the mkiii so I’ve been without a camera since he left; it’s made me realise how much I value photography – it’s comfort and therapy for me.
I must also add that I’m slightly obsessed with flyaway hair.
I love the timeless appeal of this portrait; children and mirrors – always fascinating / Sunny & Kaki; their mama always captures the most beautiful moments (and I adore that backpack!) / Oh Fletcher! What a cutie / Kate has four children under five and every week she takes the most beautiful photos of them – what an inspiration / Elina and Julian in b+w – stunning.



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  • Lil Muse Lily

    photography is the same for me. comfort and therapy. i was gifted a new lens for christmas and have been having lots of fun practicing and learning how to use it. fly away hair seems to be so much easier to get with the new lens

  • Simple-Savvy

    She is so adorable! Her expression is priceless this week. I have major camera envy! Im shooting my 52 week series with my iphone 4. I majored in photography in college, but it was all 35mm film and I have yet to afford a dslr.

  • Janey G

    ooo see that look! only a girl can muster just that look! i love it! x

  • Sass Spice

    Love the intense look Poet is giving! I would love to hear your opinions with the 6D vs the mkiii, I'm looking at upgrading my 500D this year and the amount of information is overwhelming!

  • Jess

    We're just heading into this with our toddler. Our 10-year-old is teaching by example as well.
    The grumpy faces make the smiles all that much brighter, though.

  • Lou Archell

    What a little missy! Fantastic shot, and yes! her flyaway hair is perfect here, I'd be obsessed too. Hope you are doing ok hun, solo parenting is empowering and a bitch at the same time. Sending hugs xxx

  • Kate

    I love that look!
    Thank you for the mention 🙂

  • WesandRose Hodgson


  • ...melody...

    What a face! I can only imagine what her raised eyebrow would look like! 🙂

  • Paula K.

    This is my favourite picture of her, hah. :))

  • Bec - Mumma Tells

    Such an intense expression – a mix of fierce and innocence. And I'm with you on the flyaway hair. Gorgeous!

  • ashley

    oh look at that face. bless her little wild heart. x

  • Steph @ this brown wren

    Oh how I adore flyaway hair! Your little lady is certainly growing up. Hope your week is a calm and fulfilling one xxx

  • moose and bird

    Their faces say so much. Such a passionate little soul. Happy Sunday. Melinda x

  • Mandi Poppyfoxathome

    It's great she's got spunk and passion. I keep telling poppy it's a gift and superpower she's to use it for good and not bad. I too celebrate their crazy hair. Those curls and fly always that add such personality. Great photo but then again they are always lovely.

  • mel @ loved handmade

    yes, the flyaway hair! she's got spunk that one x

  • Sarah Staggs

    I need to send my camera out to be cleaned and I just can't find a good time to do it…I NEED my camera! Although, I'm sure my husband and child would enjoy a week without it. 🙂 Beautiful picture of miss Poet.

  • Reply

    I've been struggling about adding pictures of Miss 9 on my blog, there are a few but nothing too clear or in focus. My portraits have been more travel un-portraits than anything else. Who knows as the weeks go on these may change. I guess this is harder for me because she's our niece and not our daughter. We'll see how we go 🙂

  • Clare B

    Jodi, you're words have echoed in my head this week as I have mustered all my strength to solo-parent a 2 year old not fond of change. Breath. Breath simplicity. Breath. It has helped a little, I think.

  • Janice Armstrong

    I have just joined your 52 project, hope I'm not too late!! Our canon 60d just arrived in the post this week and I'm trying to get to grips with it…trying to expand my 'turn to automatic and shoot' repertoire! Planning to experiment through this project…love being a part of it, love your blog!

  • chair and chair

    Love that attitude!! Thank you baby Fletcher's mention – this project is such a wonderful reminder to appriciate the every day x

  • lucy at dear beautiful

    That expression on her face is just priceless. I love it! x

  • tinajo

    So very, very sweet! 🙂


  • Anne

    Very Cute! 🙂

  • Anne Hill

    haha yes her expression! You capture so much in one photograph! Love that hair.

  • Jesi Anderson née Langdale

    This face is just perfect! We're going through much of the same stage now.

  • Belinda

    In love with Poet's fly away hair. x

  • Sam Stone

    I love fly away hair too! She is gorgeous. I hope you are doing well.

  • Dre @ no frills mum

    Love this shot, her hair, big eyes and that face is a classic! Photographs of my girls on dusk are 'therapy' for me, I always feel so much better afterwards! Two weeks down for you!! x

  • Lisa Stirling

    I only have a canon point and shoot, I really want a dslr, its a escape for me, special photos remind me of the moments I want to hold onto x
    Love the portrait of Poet, showing the sass side of her personality.

  • Kym Piez

    Oh wow. You have new people doing the portrait series this year. In a BIG way! I'm a little late off the mark, but joining in (and desperately catching up!) Happy new year! I love your new header, new name, and off to take a little more sneaky lurking. In the most friendly possible way, of course 😉 x

  • bluebirdsunshine

    I love her intense look. She reminds me very much of my little girl, only a little older.

  • babbleoncity

    Jodi, your darling little Poet is a carbon copy of my youngest niece (who is now approaching 18). The likeness is really uncanny. Such a gorgeous little face :o)x
    xx Jo @ BabbleOn City blog xx

  • kari

    Love the attitude in this portrait! Like another commenter above, I'd be interested in your thoughts on the 6D. I'm looking at that or the Nikon d610 for full-frame options, or the Canon 70D or Nikon d7100 if I decide I'm not ready to plunge into full frame. Would love to hear what your decision-making process entailed, if that's something you'd be willing to share.

  • mascaraandmud

    her eyes! her hair! all just beautiful!

  • Miriam

    Finally joining in properly – I am so inspired by your beautiful photography.

  • hello poppet

    Hope you don't mind me gate-crashing fashionably late 🙂

  • heidi

    My first daughter had flyaway hair too and she did not like me to put it up she'd announce "I want my hair wobbly!"– "therapy" is the perfect description for photography for me as well

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