fabrik sleepwear : a giveaway

Yesterday Fabrik launched its first sleepwear collection for women; a range of luxury pieces that promise to make bedtime that much sweeter. Created from milk-hued muslin, charcoal silk and floral cotton, the classic and romantic collection includes elegant kimono robes, man-style pyjamas and the most delicate night dresses.
Considering I’m about to spend a lot of time in sleepwear of some sort, I’m particularly enthralled with the button-down pyjama tops (breast-feeding friendly!) and kimono robes that will, no doubt, detract from my sleep-deprived eyes.
Fancy swanning around the house in a long muslin robe featuring a delicate floral print? Yes, of course you do! Fabrik has kindly offered to give away one muslin kimono robe, valued at $110.ย To enter, all you need to do is tell me what your bedtime ritual is – tea? bath? a good book? The comment that resonates most will win.
This giveaway is open to international readers. Winner will be announced in this post on Friday 6th February at 10am.
If giveaways aren’t your thing, feel free to use the code PSFREESHIP to get free shipping, Australia-wide.

Good luck! And thank youย for supporting the brands that, in their own way, support my work and this space.Comments closed. The winner is Kristyn! Email me at jodiclairewilson @ yahoo.com.au and I’ll get your robe to you asap x

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  • Jodi

    With two young boys (2 years and 4 months), even remembering to brush my teeth feels like a luxury. My husband often stays up later than I do, so when I go to bed, he climbs in with me (with the baby a few feet away in the cosleeper) and we whisper to each other about what the boys did that day that made us smile. It's the most intimate time we have together in these harried days.

  • Silver

    My son and I have a bath together, then we drink some camomile tea, play a little bit of lego (just five more minutes, one more, just a second more), then my husband reads our son a story and makes one up (while I read in bed), then I jump into my son's bed and I make up a story about my son as a knight, and we drift off to sleep together, usually talking about space. Then when he is asleep (and my husband has tapped me awake) I join him in our bed and we drink more camomile tea, and drift off to sleep. It is a long routine but I am happy for it to be like that – the day will come when my son is happy with his own thoughts at bedtime.

  • Jen

    My routine used to be a nice warm shower, and some reading in bed before I turn out the lights. It's much the same now, except with a few added things now that I'm pregnant with our first baby (15 weeks today!). I spend some time rubbing coconut oil into my belly and bonding a little with the baby, then, using mala beads I recite a mantra for the baby and the birth inspired by the one that you used when pregnant with Poet! I would love to have a beautiful new robe for the upcoming breastfeeding with the new babe and these are so pretty! Thanks for the giveaway Jodi xox

  • Jaime Teichmer

    It is a cold winter in the States right now, so at night, I dim the lights, sit by our firebox with a hot cup of tea and do some reading. I have two preschoolers right now and they try to stay up as long as their eyelids allow, so this quiet time to myself helps me wind down after an active day. A beautiful robe would allow me to be comfortable and beautiful (which is more than my yoga pants and thermal. Also, the model in the Fabrik photos is gorgeous!)

  • kelly louise

    After the usual ablutions, I lay in bed and gently massage my tummy with the blended oil gifted to me by my Chilean (soul) sister. I let go of the day, and take a minute or two to connect with the tiny life that has started to grow there. It often escapes me during the day, but ending the day with a little gratitude comes easily right now.

  • Mandi Poppyfoxathome

    I end most nights holding my little one to sleep while sipping a lukewarm tea. My husband is reading The faraway tree to my five year old in bed and I attempt to persuade tully to close his eyes. I'm not sure how my nights will change once we're pregnant with our third. But those nights when they are sleeping, we sit on the couch by candlelight reading is pure magic. Made all the better when Adam makes me a tea. Then everything's perfect.

  • Kristina

    I put some lavender oil in my essential oil diffuser and read for awhile. Then I convince my hubby to rub my legs and back (35 weeks pregnant now) while we chat about the funny things our 3 year old and almost 2 year old said and did that day. Then it's lights out and hopefully I'm able to fall asleep over the next several hours – pregnancy insomnia is strong with me :S

  • Bridget

    I wish I had a "routine" right now but with a seven-week old, it looks like me darting upstairs to quickly wash my face, slather it with coconut oil, brush my teeth, and hop into bed to nurse the baby!

    Before that? If I was being smart and staying away from screens before bed, it'd be some tea and probably a bowl of yogurt and granola. Slower paced than the current harried state I find myself in!

  • Momista Beginnings

    Geez, everyone's night time routines sound like such a dream. I suddenly feel like I'm getting it all wrong! Haha. What I SHOULD be doing is relaxing in a quiet space after putting my 2.75 year old to sleep (singing/reading to her)…but what I really do is put on some adult television in the background while I blog (which is something I don't have time for in the day) Sometimes this involves tea, but lately my pregnancy cravings have demanded a bowl of ice cream. Since I'm 30 weeks pregnant, my body comfortably fits into my husbands baggy sweatpants while my belly pops out from under a snug-fitting tshirt that I wore pre-baby. Sounds glamorous, right? This robe looks stunning! The thought of covering up whatever god-awful sleepwear I chose the night before, in the morning when I wake up, sounds like a delight. An even happier thought is getting to cover up my immediate post-baby belly with such a fancy garment (would be a definite addition to my hospital bag). Thanks for hosting this giveaway and good luck to all ๐Ÿ™‚ -Misty @ http://www.momistabeginnings.com

  • Lila Wolff

    Our routine still centres on our youngest, at 3 and a half I still get to sing her to sleep held tight against me. Depending on her mood she almost always falls asleep to Man who sold the world or rainbow connection (on the easier nights). I get the joy of watching her lids get heavier and heavier and her fluffy hair brushing against her cheeks. Such a lovely peaceful way to end my days.

  • Emma Steendam

    Seven month old Eleanor's bedtime routine goes a little something like…dinner at 5.30 most nights, lots of mess and smooshing various foods into her face/hands/highchair/throwing it to the dog Tessa, then a quick dip in the laundry trough (our house is unfortuntaely without a bath – boo!) From the laundry sink she can see out the window out to our driveway (we live on a farm, long dirt driveway, big gums trees, lots of 'baa-baas'), usually we wait in the tub to see Daddy making his way up the driveway home from work, or we dry off, into pj's and I give her a little lavender oil massage and we go for a walk around the garden in the pram waiting to see Dada coming on the horizon. Once Dada's home we select books to read, usually her favourite 'Tractors' book, or 'Where is the green sheep', and read them on the bed which is in her nursery – Eleanor's great-great grandparents iron bed which came on the ship with them from Ireland. Then it's into her sleeping bag, a breastfeed from Mama lying on the bed whilst Dada shuts the curtains and kisses her fluffy head goodnight. With trusty 'Carrots' (Eleanor's jellycat bunny best friend) by her side she goes off to the land of nod and I whisper in her tiny ears sweet dreams baby girl and sing her her favourite lullaby 'If I had words to make a day for you' which I've always sung to her since she was conceived. Then dinner time for Mama and Dada, these days followed by some renovating we're doing to our bedroom, a cup of lemon and ginger tea before bed on our lounge room floor at the moment whilst we're in a construction zone!

  • Claire

    Early in this pregnancy, I took a bath with Epsom salts before crawling in bed with a book and cup of tea. Since then, we've moved to a new space that's requiring 50% renovation. Our bedroom is temporarily our living room and kitchen space. (With all my heart, I'm hoping this changes before our baby arrives.) All this to say- my nighttime ritual is more important to my sanity than ever. I dim the lights, light a candle and take a relaxing shower. Then read with a cup of peppermint or chamomile in bed- across the room from my husband on his computer. It's simple but essential.

  • Kate Tweedie

    Such a lovely collection; oh how I adore good sleepwear.

    After cooking, eating and tidying, my night time routine is to walk outside into the garden and watch the tail end of the sunset (I go to bed early), feel the cool valley breeze wash away any lingering stress then head back inside to sit with my husband and quietly unravel our days together.

  • jen

    Cozy socks, warm drink, and instagram. Every night.

  • Christine

    By evening time the house is quietening down, and my three little ones are usually calm following their bath. I'll shower whilst they are in bath, my husband watching them, as I have 10 mins of uninterupted time in my own little world.
    My two older boys have a snack and cup of milk on front of the fire before its time for stories and bed. We live in Ireland and evenings are still dark here, so the fire makes the living room cosy. We take turns reading the boys their story and whoever is off story time with these two scally wags, takes time with our 7 month, usually he'll enjoy a pre-bedtime massage on front of the fire.
    Once the older two are settled, I'll get comfy in the living room, overlooking the lough and the twinkly lights beyond ready for breastfeeding my youngest. A pot of tea will always be beside me, as this wee man likes to feed and snooze, feed and snooze. The whole house is quiet now apart from my littles ones suck, swallow or heavy breathing of sleep. The dog might let out a few snores, and we can usually hear the wind and hail but it's all quiet, calm and cosy.
    Some nights I'll just sit and feed, sip tea and try and savour every moment with this wee dote, as he will definitely be our last. We have come a long way in our feeding relationship with an undiagnosed tongue tie eventually being snipped at 16 weeks. So every moment feeding him now, I am so grateful for as it was so difficult for him then. Other nights I might read, but I still have not got back to my usual reading pace.
    Finally we will head up to bed, check on the two older boys, cuddled in together in their new double bed and then settle with our youngest tucked alongside me with easy access for further night time feeds.

  • MrsW

    My ritual is definitely centred around investing time in myself, and catching some stillness while it's available. Most often, this will involve some gentle yoga or meditation, a bit of reading in bed, and I also have a "sentence a day" journal from kikki.k which asks me one question each day, every day over three years, so bedtime is when I write down my answer to the question of the day.

  • Vanisha @ A Life Un-Styled

    My bedtime ritual has rubbed off on my family which I'm so thankfully for. We all spend an hour before bed time reading, often Miss 10 will get into bed with us to read. We also talk about what happened in the day that we are most grateful for. Once she's gone to her room, I'll rub some foot cream and hand cream on and cuddle up for the night x

    Thank you Jodi for always featuring such wonderful brands x

  • pambythesea

    I wish I could say that my bedtime routine didn't involve looking at my phone? But it does? I try and put it down thought and read a magazine. And my husband and I always have a goodnight kiss ๐Ÿ™‚

  • shine little light*

    My bedtime ritual is becoming more structured since being pregnant (I'm 1 week ahead of you with my 1st!).

    A mug of raspberry leaf tea, 15 minutes of meditative yoga (wide child's pose is my favourite place to be at the moment) and some deep leg stretches to try and ease my oh so restless legs. Then it's into bed, wrestling the 12 assorted pillows into a comfy position, light outs, whispering baby name ideas with husband, eyes start to shut, baby wriggles down onto my bladder, I get out of bed for the loo, again (pillows akimbo!), back to bed (repeat pillow wrestling – poor husband), as I settle down baby starts his night time dance party in my tummy and eventually (long after husband is well asleep) I'm asleep too.

    These PJs are gorgeous and you work with the most wonderful brands and deal with blog sponsorship stuff the most gracefully of any blogger I know.

  • Brook

    These routines sound so dreamy! Am I the only one that is so exhausted at the end of the day, that I crash into bed with the littles? Getting them snug in bed with a book, pretend story and then telling "tomorrow" as was told to me by my mother every night, gets me as sleepy as a newborn baby. I seem to sleep better when our rythyms are in sync vs. me staying up for another hour or two. Going to bed early gives me the luxury of waking before everyone, which I love. Watching the sunrise while steeping a pot of tea, packing lunches and making a warm breakfast is my bliss! I just need a lovely robe to do it in!!

  • Tina @ The Rogue Sparrow

    I start my bedtime routine by taking a huge breath, exhaling and letting go of the day. I switch on the salt lamp in the bedroom so there is a beautiful soft glow, take a warm shower, spritz the sheets and pillows with lavender spray before tucking myself between the sheets to read for half an hour or so. There is also a notepad on my bedside table to jot down anything that i need to remember to do the following day. My routine is nothing fancy or involved, just simple and comforting. This is such a beautiful and generous giveaway – I'd love to wrap myself up in the that kimono. Bliss…

  • Jessica G.

    So beautiful! My bedtime routine always starts with a nice chat with my husband, then I snuggle into bed with a good read before turning out the light.

  • Kirsten C

    I love reading the routines of mamas who are pregnant right now. It reminds me of what my bedtime routine was during my last pregnancy – when I settled down to bed, it seemed like baby woke up and had his most active time of kicking around. My husband is usually asleep before I am, so those moments were special with just me and the baby. I spent a lot of nights calming my breathing, sitting still and feeling gratitude and connection with my little son.

    I'm all the more thankful that I had that bedtime routine now because we lost our baby when I was 28 weeks pregnant. He was stillborn, for an unknown reason. As I look back at the time I spent pregnant with him, I've overwhelmed with gratitude that I spent that pregnancy practicing being present in the moment, trying not to anxiously overanticipate the time I'd actually get to meet my son outside the womb — and I'm glad I appreciated those moments for what they were because it turned out they were the only chance I had to connect with my dear baby. Even though I didn't get to see him alive outside my belly, those moments gave me an opportunity to learn his personality (very wild and intense! so different from my first pregnancy with my daughter) and to appreciate his small life during the seven months that it lasted.

    My bedtime routine now, close to four months after the birth of my son, is different. Sometimes there are tears, as when I settle down into bed and find calm after the hustle and bustle of the day I am reminded of how much I miss him and wish he was here, wish I was crazy with the sleep deprivation and utter all-encompassing love that comes with having a newborn. I often pull out the precious photos I have of the few hours we got to spend cuddling our baby. Even as I cry at times, I feel grateful that he existed, that I had the honor of holding his body in mine for the entirety of his little life.

  • andy

    As night nestles in
    All is still
    Save for the whispered breaths of my sleeping babes,
    A nocturnal melody to their daytime rhythm of shrieks and chatter.
    Only a candle flickers here
    As I savour the darkness of a square of out-of-bounds chocolate
    And sip my peppermint tea
    Drinking in the calm
    Letting my thoughts stroll back through the day:
    Things done, things forgotten,
    Things I learnt, things that made me laugh.
    How grateful I am for these moments,
    For these beautiful people I call family,
    For the ordinary extraordinary that plays itself out each day
    And, now, for the hours of rest that enfold me
    As night gives birth to a new day.

  • jo

    When all my work is finished for the day, the house tidied and quiet, I take a few minutes for myself and stretch out tired muscles and enjoy taking some deep breaths. Just before I go to bed I go into each of my children's rooms and sit for a bit just listening to their breathing, inhaling their sweet smell and watching their sleeping faces and no matter what has happened during the day just sitting and being grateful for their little beings. Then I hop into my own bed to read a few pages of a book before drifting off myself.

  • simplefragments

    My bedtime ritual: I 'll have a conversation with my boyfriend and then I'm usually either reading a book or checking Netflix for an episode of Bob's Burgers to watch.

  • making mess

    At bedtime I turn off the fan in my toddlers room. I then brush my hair and turn the over head light off. I go and get the wet face washer I I had put in the freezer earlier in the evening and put it on my head. I sit in bed propped up and give my baby girl a dream feed. My husband reads out loud to us from whatever book we happen to be reading together and I put my baby back down asleep. My husband reads a little more to me and we curl up together.

  • look see. by naomi fenton

    Ok. I have two answers to this. (1) What I *should* do and (2) reality.

    (1) Switch off all electronic devices, pick up a book and read for an hour before clicking off the light at a reasonable hour and nodding off for a proper night's sleep.

    (2) Faff about on Pinterest on my iPad until my eyes are droopy and it's much, much later than I need it to be, click off the light and have trouble nodding off until my alarm goes off in the morning (which is when I'll finally have dropped off to sleep, of course.)

    I had a few weeks last year where I made myself a warm, milky hot chocolate and read before I went to sleep and they were the best nights sleep I had in ages. I really should get back into doing that!

  • tRiSh

    In this 3rd trimester of pregnancy, bedtime routine has been a blessing for my growing belly: I usually take a quick shower to feel fresh and relaxed, sometimes a bath if I'm very tired from the day; I then rub my belly and breast with moisturising cream and go to bed to read aloud to bรฉbรฉ (mostly in French). As bรฉbรฉ reacts, I stop for a moment, taking all the movements in and feel him/her move around. Once I finish the story and Peter comes to bed, we talk in the dark for a moment before falling asleep. Bedtime has become my favorite part of the day. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Tracy Littlewood

    I like to look in on each of my 3 children. They are so peaceful and beautiful. It reminds me of the wonderful things in the world and my life. I am a lucky mummy.

  • Tracy Littlewood

    I like to look in on each of my 3 children. They are so peaceful and beautiful. It reminds me of the wonderful things in the world and my life. I am a lucky mummy.

  • Iris

    First, we look in on our three boys – I love their little faces, relaxed and beautiful and so utterly unselfconscious when they are asleep – and then we settle down to read a book together. We developed this routine a few years ago. D likes to listen, I like to read, it works perfectly. We've by now experienced dozens of books together in this way. The ritual helps us both relax and settles the mind – there have been far fewer occasions of fretting about work well into the night since we started it. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Dre | no frills mum

    Most nights when our girls are tucked up in bed and the sun is low in the sky, my husband Jake and I head outside, me with a herbal tea in hand. We wander our property, potter in the kitchen garden, check on our chooks, feed our kelpie, point out growth in the garden, chat about our days and tomorrows, laugh, pause to watch the sun go down and dream about possibilities.
    Back inside we check our girls, pull up blankets and switch off night lights. Then there is always a little time for a chapter or two of a current book, a granny square or bonnet to crochet, documentary to watch together, favourite magazines to flick through or a look through any photos we may have taken that day.
    Jake used to work interstate five days and nights out of seven so I am just grateful to have him home every night of the week. Making sacrifices for seven years taught us to appreciate the precious hours we now get to spent together each night.

    I hope you're managing to get enough sleep in these final weeks before baby arrives. x Dre

  • www.ericaschiavi.com

    I read a book to my older girl and give breast to my new baby girl in my bed. Then my husband take the oldest to he own bed.

  • ne-knopka

    Tea and book)



  • barbara

    My bedtime ritual lately is taking my two daughters (3 years and a half and 18 month) to their bed several times, trying to be comprehensive the first two times that they wake up because they are not asleep, reading another book with them, becoming more strict after a while, then finally enjoying my wonderful couch with a book and… fall asleep in two minutes! I really need a better bedtime ritual! ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Thank you for opening this worldwide!

  • Laura at Beehive Rugs

    I have always loved the water so in the winter I have a long bath in a deep tub. I take time to read my favorite magazine or a knitting pattern that I want to linger on, to think about.
    In the summer I wait till that really hot part of the evening when everything seems too hot and humid to endure and I slip on my bathing suit and dive into the pool. I swim around for a while and float on my back and watch the bats come out and dive down looking for mosquitoes. The garden is different in the evening and when I come back in the house I am cool and relaxed and have had time to meditate on my day and my life and those I love.

  • Kate

    My bedtime ritual doesn't revolve around me… yet. I am still nursing my youngest daughter, so it usually goes like this: brush teeth, read stories to both daughters, nurse the youngest whilst rubbing the older one's back, song singing, and then either an attempt to sneak out of the room, or just falling asleep with them! I know I will miss this routine when they're older ๐Ÿ™‚


    My current routine after getting my toddler to sleep is: Lavender oil on the bottoms of my feet to relax, netflix- usually a drama and a bonus if it's in another language! I keep the volume low with subtitles. The lavender oil helps me drift off to sleep more peacefully as my mind gets more active when the house is quiet.

  • Rusthawk

    Tea on the back deck with the stars accompanying my evening musings of the day and my life.

  • Fine

    I wish I had a relaxing and soothing bedtime ritual as so many of the women who commented before me, but to be honest, most evenings I stay up way too late, working at the computer or watching TV. When I finally am too tired to stay up any longer, I brush my teeth and wash my face, light a beeswax candle and read a few pages in my current book, and then soon turn off the lights and blow out the candle.
    I know that I would feel way better if I just skipped the working-late-at-night- or watching-TV-part, and directly went to the candle-and-book-part (which would also mean that I would get more sleep), but somehow those nightly hours often feel like the only me-time of the day, and I can't seem to do the sensible thing. Not so smart. Hopefully, that will change soon? One can hope, right?
    The kimono robe is soooo beautiful, I am keeping my fingers crossed!

  • kristyn

    Umm…usually I hunt for my half cup of luke warm tea put down somewhere and forgotten…find it…put it on the windowsill above our bed…forget about it again…peel off a couple layers of clothes…including the old bra down the sleeve maneuver…jump into bed…snuggle down…just start to get warm and cozy…open my eyes thinking…****…I forgot to make the lunches…debate with myself about whether I will actually get up earlier to do them…laugh at self…throw off the covers…go to the kitchen and make lunches in underwear…head back to bedroom…cast eyes on floor to make sure bra and jeans are at the ready to pull back on in the morning…jump back into bed…slowly…slowly…exhale…

  • Sara Watson

    Once the little ones are all tucked into their beds and their ruckus has calmed, I curl up on the couch and revel in the silence. The moments of peacefulness are sure cherished in these busy years. Sometimes the silence is just what I need; an antidote for the chaos of life with four little ones. Sometimes I need more though, and I knit, paint, or write in my journal. The best and by far most valuable time spent before bed is when my sweet husband is done working early enough, and we can have tea together and share our day with each other. The moments we get alone together seem to be fewer and fewer as our family grows. Bedtime is definitely a much needed time. A time for me to recharge, to reconnect with myself (and sometimes my husband), to reflect on my day, and to plan for tomorrow.

  • Sharolyn Newington

    I'm working on a new night time routine. I've always been a morning person, but I need to be intentional about my nights, so that I can start my days well. I feel the need for it. With baby #2 on the way I'm trying to cut out unhelpful and unnecessary noise; both physical clutter and mental clutter. This means an earlier bed time which takes some discipline as the night easily gets away. It means an earlier start to dinner, bath and bed time for our big boy. It means no screen time after dinner, instead, a book, a good conversation with one of the adults in my home, perhaps a letter or a card to a friend – I must write these more. I need an early bed time in order to rise at 5 or so. The day is fresh and the house is still. When I prioritise this time to read, reflect, pray and plan, I feel so much better prepared for the day, for my interactions with others. A cup of earl grey and a bowl of bircher complete things. It's a new routine, but I'm excited about it and enjoying it already.

  • Mariella

    My bed time ritual is rather simple and usually involved a cup of herbal tea, reading and falling asleep which normally I don't need help for sincemy days are pretty hectic with three young boys at home. I used to have a bath before bed but these days I don't have time/energy for it so it's a rare treat

  • Niccola Milnes

    I live by the equator in Africa, where the sun sets at almost the same time every evening, year round. The cast of red and purple hues streaming through our windows, casting long shadows that fade quickly (by the equator sunrise and sunsets are very fast) is our signal to wind down. By this point our son is hopefully in bed sleeping soundly after his dinner, bath and bottle, and I (now 39 weeks with our second) usually need to rest for a short while after (I find even the smoothest of days and baby bedtimes still leave me tired this far along). I might make a cup of tea and lie down with it and a book, or simply curl up and enjoy the quiet. When my discipline falters, I find myself in front of the computer, reading blogs, researching recipes, dreaming. Eventually I will make dinner (the further along I get, the simpler the meals get), have my own bath, light a candle, and get into bed with a collection of the following that I usually never make it through – birth visualizations, parenting books, a non-fiction I am working through, final work emails I wanted to complete. I usually fall asleep quickly and sleep fitfully, with those Braxton Hicks and baby kicks picking up as we get closer and closer.

  • Rachel

    My bedtime routine…or lack thereof! After numerous readings of whatever library book is the hit of the week, I make a mad dash around the house to clean up and finish whatever jobs I didn't get done during the day…hang washing, fold washing, sweeping, ignoring the many block cities and lego creations laying around the house! Then I facebook, message friends and hopefully my husband has some time in between working his second job of being a free lance web designer to say hi. then I crash…I'm 30 weeks preggo with #3 so there's only a certain amount of time I can keep my eyes open! My bedtime routine is a shocker but nothing that most of us mum's aren't too familiar with if we are honest with ourselves!

  • A.

    I need to get a hot shower first and definitely a hug from my hubby ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • blew415

    Bubblebath and watching youtube videos

  • Emily Ducatte

    Family yoga before i snuggle with my son and read a ton of storybooks and fall asleep.

  • (Honestly) Kate

    I work a job that requires switching between day and night every eight weeks. My ritual for a day/night when I know I have to work when I wake up is to set my series of alarms (one to wake me up, a second to back the first one up, one to remind me it's time to start getting ready, one to tell me to hurry up, and one to tell me it's time to leave). I let my dogs outside and try to take a few minutes to tidy my house. When the dogs come back in, I go ahead and use the bathroom, take my pills, brush my teeth, floss, and rinse.
    I decide if there's anything I can wear again the next day (usually if my jeans or sweatshirt and jacket aren't too gross, I try to wear them a couple days, both to save on laundry and because I don't own many), and then change into whatever passes as pajamas (usually one of my three fairly worn out pairs of pajama pants and an old T-shirt).
    I announce that it's bedtime, which is the cue for the dogs to follow me into my bedroom. Lucy (my overweight Dutch Shepherd) curls up on her bed, Hope (my German Shepherd/Sheltie mix) insists on sleeping curled up RIGHT next to me, with her back pressed against mine, and Lawson (my foster dog, a Mountain Cur) takes the blanket on the floor, but only after he comes by my bed a few times trying to get me to pet him. If I'm working nights, I put a sound machine app on – I like a thunderstorm, and it helps distract me from the daylight trying to creep into the room.
    I read a book, sometimes via my iPad, and wait. After a few minutes, there will be a soft scratching at my door, and I'll have to lean off the side of the bed to open the door for Knievel, my cat. He'll usually spend a few minutes on the bed before he goes to sit behind the electric radiator or on the desk chair. A few more minutes, and there'll be a cat yowling at the door, so I'll open it again to let in Rezzy, my other cat, who will promptly hop up on the bed and hiss at Hope a couple times.
    Rezzy will curl up at the foot of my bed, Hope will be right next to me, and I'll wiggle my way around trying to reclaim bed space for myself. Eventually, my eyelids grow heavier, so I'll put my book or iPad on my nightstand, flip onto my right side (I always have to fall asleep on my right side!), and drift off until my alarm wakes me. Occasionally this is delayed by Rezzy crawling into my face trying to cuddle with me, so I often fall asleep petting her. If I don't have to go to work, I don't set an alarm and make sure the ringer of my phone is off so I can sleep as long as possible.
    And because a good waking-up is part of my good going-to bed, I try to take a couple minutes when I wake up to plan my day and wake up slowly, instead of jumping out of bed and rushing into my day. It always improves my day, which tends to cycle around because then I take my time going to bed.

  • Eloise

    My bedtime routine is very peaceful and predictable. It consists of multiple cups of tea in bed, whilst either reading a good book or catching up on my favourite blogs. Our 7 month old baby slumbers beside me, occasionally stirring to be re-settled with a gentle 'pat pat, hush hush'. If that doesn't work he gets a milky, soporific breastfeed.
    A lot of this time is also spent drinking in his perfect face and snuggling in to his warm little chubby body.
    The light goes out around 10pm, replaced by the soft glow of the night light (essential for our 4 year old to feel welcome to make his way in at any time during the night).
    One last sip of camomile tea, on goes some hand cream and lip balm, then zzzzzzz…..

  • janinejackson

    Have a good night time routine, have a good night of sleep. The two are inextricably linked. I make sure that before I get into the shower, all the lights in my room are dim. That way, when I come out of the bathroom, my brain starts to realise it's night time and begins winding down. Then I put my phone in a drawer and read only things on paper. I've learnt that bright little screens do exactly what they're meant to do – they keep my brain ticking! So pre bed is a technology free zone.

    I burn a candle in my room too and that lovely lavender scent seems to send my brain signals that its night time. I drift off completely relaxed! And I have a night owl husband who keeps me safe by blowing the candle out before he comes to bed ๐Ÿ™‚

    Sweet dreams…

  • bethany

    The last few months, we've been trying to rekindle our evening/bedtime routine as a family and for myself. On a typical night, after dinner, we all pitch in to do our various jobs in the kitchen and head straight to the baths. We then all pile in my daughters' bed together and read a chapter from our current read-a-loud, and afterward everyone distributes to their own beds for quiet reading. I usually try to take my own bath at that time and move myself in the direction of quiet rest. I try my hardest not to go to the computer or my phone (although sometimes it still happens). I really am learning to use this time to disconnect and restore, important for everyone, but especially mothers who are with high-energy littles during the day. The same routine ensues for myself: bath, a full glass of water, a good book, and some evening conversation/connection with my husband.

  • Peta

    I'd like to to tell you that I sniff lavender and sip chamomile tea.

    But that would be telling untruths. I clean my teeth, lie in bed, and look at my phone.

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  • jenniferacdewey

    After baby bed time, which is a slew of it's own delightful rituals, we pause, sigh, and enjoy the silence for a moment. Then a tea or wine, depending on the mood of the day, as much tidying as we can muster, a sentence or two in the journal, books in bed, and then a prayer for some delicious sleep.

  • Neza

    Oh how i love the silence of bedtime, my boyfriend asleep, no noise from the street…
    I light a candle, turn off most of the lights, wash the dishes, shower, brush my teeth, do a little calming yoga then blow the candle and sneak into bed… Good night!

  • Whit

    Journal and cuddle and pray and sneak in to look at my sleeping baby, go to bed full of gratitude.

  • Jade Torr

    After I've lulled and breastfed our 10 month old boy to sleep it's time to enjoy a chat with my partner, or to enjoy reading a few uninterrupted pages of a book, or to just enjoy the silence (with a still-warm cup of tea!). Then it's off to our family bed with a few drops of lavender oil on my pillow and a sleeping milky-scented bub by my side. And a warm fuzzy feeling..I'm not sure if that's excitement at the prospect of sleep, or if it's love..or maybe it's both ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • EB

    turn off the kitchen lights, run a bath, dash around before it fills and make camomile tea, sneak a piece of chocolate..light a candle, soak away the day, check the babes and read longer then I should.

  • electronette

    It may not sound like much, but since I was pregnant with my first son a decade ago, my husband and I have had a ritual of watching a little something before sleeping. It feels luxurious to take the laptop to bed and immerse ourselves in the latest brilliant series, while safely tucked into crisp white sheets.

    Not parenting. Not working. Not doing.
    Just him and I.

    Since our first son, two more little brothers have come along, and they keep us running from dawn 'til dusk. It's brilliant for us to have our thing that we do together, other than keep house, work and tend children.

    New sleepwear would make me feel a million dollars as I approach my 40th birthday this week. I promise to relish it as I snuggle in with my husband for watching 'a little something'… our own ritual which feels so decadent.

  • Tammy Gloss

    When everyone is asleep and I've given the kiddies a goodnight kiss and made sure they are tucked in nice and snug, I lie in bed and go through all of the things I am grateful for and pick the one I am most grateful for and say thank you thank you thank you, then I check on the kids one more time and bed ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Tanna Sutherland

    I often go to sleep with the kiddos so my bed time routine consists of bath time, story time and diaper changes! And I wouldn't have it any other way.

  • Unknown

    Nursing my baby is my bedtime routine!

    • STEPH

      First, I say NO to checking work emails on my phone – there will always be something more to do, so let's avoid that.

      Then, for my bedtime ritual, I like to first read a magazine while taking a bubble bath, then I pull on my softest pjs and fluffy shea butter spa socks, and finally cocoon myself in a mountain of blankets in bed. It's pretty awesome that my man is a living furnace as well because nothing is nicer than a warm bed when temps fall at night. I'm sure things will change once there are three of us but for now this is the bliss that I savor.

      AH writing this is making me excited for sleep time tonight!


  • Adrianne Picicci

    My bedtime routine usually consists of picking up an army of toys, scattered around the house, themselves exhausted from a day of play. Then I sip hot mint tea while researching little art projects that might engage my son the following day. Sometimes I attempt to lose myself in a novel like I did before I had kids, but I usually fall asleep after just a few pages! By this time, my son is fast asleep next to me, so I mostly just appreciate these glorious moments of stillness at the end of a full day.

  • Rachael Sanderson

    I'm currently running round after our ten year old, our toddler and feeding our 4 month old twins. Night time requires almost military procedure to get them all tucked up cosy by eight. That gives my hubby and I an hour to run around tidying, cleaning the house (and ourselves if we have enough time!), organising things for the next day… The stage after is both sad and beautiful, I go to bed alone with a hot chocolate, read for an hour then sleep. It's sad because I miss the snuggles and warmth of my best friend but also beautiful because he's staying up to give the twins an expressed feed; he sacrifices his sleep so I can rest ready for the night feeds. It's a busy stage of life but my best bedtime tip would be firstly to accept your phase in life (missing the hubby but enjoying snuggles with two tiny babies) and secondly, keep your phone out of the bedroom. I have and wish I'd done it sooner. I now read before bed whereas previously I'd busy my mind with electronic to-do lists, online banking, social media etc. I also used to check the time every time one of the babies woke then browse the internet as I nursed- unsurprisingly I found it really tough getting back to sleep! Now, I don't obssess over the number of hours since the last feed/ until I have to get up with my toddler and eldest son and instead of staring at a screen I enjoy cuddles by the dim light of the moon and stare in wonder at the two pairs of eyes staring back at me in the dark and listen to their contented little gulps and snuffles. Yes, get rid of the phone from the bedroom. X

  • Christina Johnston

    Turning in at the end of the day starts with dream-feeding my eight month old (the sweetest moment of my day), followed by enjoying a treat of chocolate (dove usually) with my husband while we laugh the day away watching Jimmy on the Tonight Show. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Hayley Clisby

    not a great routine, but a wine and some facebook after the children have FINALLY fallen asleep! A few hours later its guaranteed there will be bed hopping, so lovely pj's would be most welcome!!!!!!!!!!

  • Marie

    I have never been much for routine and perhaps that is why nearly two years after the birth of my second child it is only now I realise the power of taking the moments I have at the end of each day and using them to do something that reminds me how strong, beautiful and confident I can be as a woman and as a mother. Some nights that means a swim in the ocean while dad reads the kids to sleep or other nights it is simply reminding myself that 'I am enough and tomorrow is a new day' when I realise I barely got to a single thing on my must do list!

  • jodi reese

    Our nightly bedtime ritual is turning off the tv, snuggle time with my daughter (and her kitty). then I tuck her in and relax-read my kindle, watch tv or listen to music

  • Louise Sargant

    I hit a milestone birthday last year while pregnant with my second child. It coincided with the appearance of some fine lines and so I spoilt myself with a few potions to lather on before bed. I would love to paint a picture of a nostalgic bed time rhythm (I'm not big on routines) which included tea, a dusty book and taking the time to rub those wrinkles away but the reality is I spend most of my time checking on the big kid, finding the breast pads I had forgotten to wear again and going to the loo like a pregnant woman. Hardly worthy of an Instagram picture! Swanning around in a luxurious muslin robe would at least help me to feel glamorous in my not so glamorous but happy nonetheless life.

  • Bee W Bedard

    Our bedtime ritual is turn the tv off, get a cup of "nighttime" tea, read a bit and then snuggle up in bed. Oops forgot to mention I already have my coy jammies on ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for the chance to win xo <3
    brendawitherspoon at hotmail dot com

  • Kaz

    Making sure the kitchen table is clear with a candle in the middle ready for breakfast in the morning, rosehip oil rubbed onto my face and a few drops of essential oils to assist with the transition to sleep.

  • My Flower

    shower and netflix ๐Ÿ™‚

  • latanya t

    I read a book to my son, cuddle with him for a little while, then get in bed, check my email, fb, instagram, read a little bit, then go to bed.

    dlatany at gmail dot com

  • Tammy Woodall

    My nighttime ritual includes making sure everyone has brushed their teeth and giving them a hug. After I have done the same. I reach for a good book to (hopefully) help me relax some to enable me to get some sleep.

  • Darlene

    My ritual is I floss, brush my teeth, take a shower watch a little TV and off to bed.

  • Andrea

    After I get my kids to sleep, I generally watch netflix and have a cup of tea.
    andrea_hockeygirl at hotmail dot com

  • Danielle

    Kids to bed around 8, 8:30, then it depends if my husband is home or not and if it's a weekend. If he's home, during the week we workout and then maybe watch a movie or some tv together before showering and heading to bed. If he's not home, I usually veg out on the internet, and then read in bed til I fall asleep haha… weekends, same deal minus the working out (usually). – daniellecorrelle@aol.com

  • Amanda Baker

    It's sometimes hard to have an actual bedtime ritual anymore because I have a 16 month old daughter, but I do manage to have a few consistencies every night. I make myself a cup of Tension Tamer tea to help me wind down. Of course I also have a nice facial cleanser to help me get off all of the makeup and gunk from the day. Add in there brushing my teeth and reading in bed for a little while and that's about as much of a routine that I can get down. Thank you for this amazing giveaway!! These kimonos are absolutely beautiful!!

  • Brenda Penton

    I do a bit of last minute tidying up. Next, I brush my teeth and wash and moisturize my face and then head off to feed and water the pets. After that I tuck myself in bed with a book to read until I fall asleep. brendapenton(at)gmail(dot)com

  • Peggy Johnson

    My bedtime routine is pretty simple. I take a nice hot shower, get dressed in comfy pj's and sip a cup of hot tea while doing last minute checking of email and my to do list for the next day.

  • Aem Wien

    The robe is beautiful. The temptation is too great not to have a hand at this lovely giveaway.
    Personally, though, Iโ€™m a terrible sleeper, often fighting the urge that sleep holds over me towards the end of an evening. Chamomile tea, warm water on the face to wash off the remains of the day, a good brush of the teeth, goodnight kisses to my partner who will often keep working into the wee hours: these all help create routine, where routine runs counter to my nature. Most delightful is when I allow myself time to sink into a few pages of a good novel before entering sleepโ€™s embrace: fictionโ€™s abstracted reality takes my mind off the everyday, luring me gently away from the night I would rather remain a part of. When all else fails and I realise how late it is, I rush madly about, pull on my well-loved pjโ€™s, switch off the lights, jump under the covers and hope for the best. A sleeper in perpetual learning!

  • lissa crane

    My routine is always a cup of green tea and a review of my planner for what the next day holds! I let my dogs out for the last time of the night, set my alarm clock, and I'm off to bed!

  • Angela snoozy

    My bedtime ritual is to take a nice bath with scented bath oil, while burning my cocoa-scented candle. Once I'm out of the tub, I sip a cup of Yogi Bedtime Herbal Tea while I read a book. Then my hubby & I snuggle & talk about our day, then share a goodnight kiss & hug!


  • Ken Ohl

    my bedtime ritual is to take a hot shower or bath and watch some sports on tv and try to unwind. thankyou, ken pohl19@comcast.net

  • phxbne

    tea and a good book!

  • Joy N.

    bedtime ritual usually includes the normal teeth brushing and face washing.. but on good nights book reading and moisturizing

  • Dawn Schultz

    My bedtime routine includes taking a hot shower, cuddling with my dogs in bed while either reading a book or watching an episode of Friends on Netflix, then talking to my husband about the best part of our day. After that, I set my alarm and go to sleep!

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