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Winter has arrived and my skin is following suit; dry and sensitive is my current predicament.

I’ve always found the skincare and beauty world to be completely overwhelming. So much choice, so little trustworthy advice. As I explained in summer, I like my skincare regime to be natural and no-fuss. I also want it to nourish my skin and for me, that requires a slight change in products to compliment the seasons. Luckily Natalie, Director of Lhami, lives around the corner and is more than happy to tailor a regime to suit my specific needs. Priceless, I tell you.

I’m guessing that if you’re anything like me (a mum with little time to spend on daily beauty rituals) your skin, particularly your face and hands, may be feeling lacklustre of late. Perhaps a little tired and dehydrated? Need someone to tell you what to do to fix it? I thought so.

Natalie suggests the following to boost your hydrations levels:

  • drink – whenever you think of it! Make a habit of drinking a big glass of room temperature water with a bit of lemon juice as soon as you wake up. Throughout the day opt for herbal teas and coconut water; they’re great for your skin and keep your cells hydrated.
  • if you’re in a heated room, place a bowl of water near your heat source to add some moisture to the air. Alternatively, make a natural room spray with a spray bottle of water and essential oils and use it every few hours.

Come winter your skin requires extra nourishment to lock in the moisture – rich oils and butters are the way to go. For body care – particularly hands, arms and décolletage, consider the following:

  • keep a hand lotion handy – in the kitchen, the bathroom or in your handbag – so you use it throughout the day.
  • Skin Salve – a combination of mango and shea butters – is perfect for the back of the hands and around the nails.
  • Calendula Balm is great before bed as an ultra rich healing balm for hands, décolletage and arms. The combination of organic oils like rosehip, jojoba and coconut, vitamin E plus beeswax made it the ideal winter skin balm. It has the added benefit of being fabulous for any skin issues like eczema, bites, scars, itches and rashes. A household essential!
  • for something different, there is also the Moisturising Body Bar.  This is a solid bar made from cocoa and shea butters (pictured above) which melts on contact with your skin.  It’s much more protective than a cream or lotion, and it smells beautiful!
For the face, a winter regime means swapping your regular face lotion for a cream and adding a face oil to ensure your skin is receiving protective and nourishing ingredients.
  • creams are mostly water whereas oils contain 100% active, protective ingredients and they won’t clog your skin or cause breakouts like a lot of heavy night creams can.
  • don’t cleanse in the morning. A splash of water when you wake up is all your skin needs as then you won’t be removing the natural oils your body produces in winter that helps keep your skin soft and protected.
  • use the Hydrating Face Mist throughout the days to stay refreshed and keep the Luscious Vanilla Lipbalm handy to prevent dry lips.
Winter Skin Regime for the Face:

Because I like a step-by-step guide, Natalie suggested the following for my morning and night skin regime. This is ideal for normal and sensitive skin types (for mature skin types, see the note at the end):Morning: Wash your face with a splash of water and pat dry. Mix some Pomegranate Hydrating Serum with some Face Oil together in your palm then apply. It will soak in easily and leave your skin velvety smooth for hours.Night: Pre cleanse with Coconut Cleansing Oil, cleanse with Calming Cleansing Milk and mist with the Hydrating Face Mist. To finish, mix some Rose Night Serum with some Calming Face Oil together in your palm then apply. For mature skin, this is also a perfect regime, just add Nourishing Face Cream after the serum/oil step for an extra layer of goodness, and every now and then put Calendula Balm on your face before bed – my mum calls this her natural face lift trick!This post contains affiliate links. If items are purchased I receive a small commission. 

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  • Pragati Ebrahim

    Thankyou for sharing the skincare.. I need this so much. Every winter I've been trying different things to keep my skin healthy.. This season I will try this method.. I wish it turns out to be the final one.. Also it suits my lazy mind, in this regard…
    Thankyou very much..🙂

    • Pragati Ebrahim

      Oh I think they donot ship overseas.. Never mind will try to follow the regime any way.. With similar suited products available here.

    • Jodi

      Lhami does send overseas….you just need to email to get postage costs etc x

  • Vicki Doak

    Good advice here I suspect. I'm off to get a glass of water since you mentioned it!

  • Audrey

    Just ordered a little something for myself 🙂 As I am notoriously bad at remembering to even do the tiniest thing to my skin, I am hoping I get inspired!

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