10 Real Resolutions

Earlier today I shared a few resolutions on instagram; a list of ten things that I want to practise this year inspired by Organic Care’s #realresolutions campaign.

Instead of writing down lofty plans for big changes, I created a series of small, mindful steps – a list of intentions that I plan to carry with me each and every day. Some of these things I already do, others are new to the list. If you’re keen to follow along, may these ideas and links be the inspiration you’re looking for:

  • Ditch the takeaway coffee cups and use a keepcup (I’ve got a plastic one because I broke three glass ones…that’s what happens when you juggle coffee and a baby).
  • Reduce single-use plastic and invest in stainless steel containers, stainless steel straws and beeswax wrap. I’ve been adding to my reusable collection over the past few weeks and I can vouch for these straws and this beeswax wrap. I’ve been using Lunchbots lunchboxes for five years and I highly recommend them for daily outings and school lunches.
  • Meal plan – it will take you 15minutes every week and will significantly reduce your grocery bill and your food waste. I’ve chatted about meal planning here and here. This year I’ll be consulting my cookbooks more regularly so we can…
  • Eat more plant-based meals. I serve vegetables and/or salad with every meal but I really want to embrace more vegetarian dinners and use more legumes.
  • Carry canvas bags – everywhere – so you don’t need to resort to plastic. I recently invested in these produce bags so when I’m at the supermarket I don’t have to buy plastic-wrapped fruit or veg. I also have a few of these and one insulated bag for cold foods.
  • Turn off your lights and turn up the ambiance with a few beeswax candles (I stick with dinner tapers + tealights). And when it’s time to replace your lightbulbs, buy energy efficient or LEDs.
  • Take off your shoes, walk barefoot on the grass, breathe deep and consider it a meditation (or earthing, as it’s often called).
  • Read more books, watch less screens.
  • Shop local, shop small, shop pre-loved, shop slow and buy with awareness.
  • Recognise your privilege and be grateful for your abundance. This is a big one for me and one I often forget.

This post contains affiliate links that, if purchased, earn me a small commission. Thank you for your support – year after year after year. 

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  • Meagan

    Beautiful list Jodi! We are also going to try to focus on many more plant-based meals and reducing packaging. 🌿

    • Jodi

      We should share some recipes! x

  • Hilltop Creative Group

    Hi Jodi,

    This was awesome.

    Take a look at our post on simplicity and minimalism and let us know what you think!

  • Amy | More Time Than Money

    These are wonderful. Do you know if you can use beeswax wraps in the freezer? One of the few things that I use clingfilm for is for wrapping slice and bake dough in the freezer.

  • Kat

    Great goals, and I particularly like the produce canvas bags! Thanks for sharing and inspiring!

  • Kadee

    Great resolutions.. so many of these are on my list too. Ahh keep cups, Iv juggled mine so many times and dropped it and it hasn’t broken.. luck! Thanks for the read needed this today especially the last point.

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