11 years of blogging

It’s a long time to be writing one story, isn’t it.

I’ve been meaning to return here for the past few weeks; so many different stories in my head. Yet I can’t quite form any of them into a coherent post. There’s far too many catch-up posts waiting in the wings so I’ve taken to pen and paper to write some sort of to-write list.

Ironically, here I am writing an entirely different post all together.

I’m the first to admit that social media has made it difficult for me to write more than a few paragraphs at a time. Our social desire for succinct snippets has greatly affected my productivity; I can churn out a few paragraphs without a worry yet I’m all of a sudden daunted by the thought of filling a page.

And yet I’ve got ideas that are brewing. Ideas that have forced themselves to be heard and are begging to become so much more than a passing thought. I’m reminded of Elizabeth Gilbert’s Big Magic (read it, if you haven’t) and her belief that if we don’t grab an idea by the horns and do something with it, it leaves us and goes knocking on someone else’s door.

My ideas aren’t particularly magical, in fact they may seem rather mundane, but I think they’re worth pursuing. And yet in my current situation, getting them down on the page is proving bloody difficult for a few reasons:

  1. I spend far too long flitting about on social media when I could be carving out chunks of quality writing time. This is merely a bad habit that needs to change and I’m working on it
  2. I over-analyse every sentence instead of just getting the words on the page. Solution? Write stream of consciousness and come back to edit, correct and expand
  3. Living in a caravan with four children leaves little opportunity for quiet, reflective writing time. I must learn to write amidst the chaos (or use Daniel’s noise-cancelling headphones)
  4. I spent a significant amount of creative energy on photography which doesn’t leave much for the writing side of things. Perhaps finding some kind of balance would be beneficial.

Today, as I forced myself to sit here and just wait till something – anything! – came to fruition, I realised that this humble blog is 11 years old. Fancy that! And regardless of my excuses, blogger’s block isn’t a reason to stay away. If anything, it’s the best encouragement to come back and write everything down.

If I think back to the very beginning, I’m reminded that this blog never started with lofty goals. It was merely a vessel for my note-taking as a young mum. I navigated new motherhood as best I could and wrote down my thoughts and observations accompanied by photos of my firstborn. It was simply an online journal with no time schedule or audience in mind.

And yet here I am, eleven years on, a creative mind considering social feeds and influencing photos and storylines and how they all correlate. There-in lies the problem; too many outward influences when I know, deep down, that the story is there; I just need to sit, focus and write it down.

As with everything, getting back to basics is the best way forward.

I always wanted this blog to be a positive space that informed and inspired and right now I’m determined to return more regularly. Because creatively I need to hold myself accountable, regardless of how challenging it may be. But even more than that, I think we, as a readership, need to return to longer stories that get to the heart of the matter.

Less mindless scrolling and more thoughtful ponderings. Or perhaps that’s just me.

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  • Elisha

    Beautifully pondered and articulated. I can’t wait to read more of your stories. I need to start my blog again too but kids, time constraints, Instagram scrolling sure does hinder the time I need to blog.
    I write posts in my head all the time…sigh…
    You and Emma (she sows seeds) might inspire me yet!

    • Jodi

      I think it’s just a matter of making it a priority. Even if it’s twenty minutes a day (which we so easily spend on instagram!) x

  • Meg

    Thrilled to hear that you’re planning on publishing more regularly.
    I have followed you for a big chunk of the last 11 years and what you share always moves and inspires me. X

    • Jodi

      That’s so lovely to hear. Thank you! x

  • Amanda

    Happy 11 years! I agree that social media snippets has replaced thoughtful rumination. I miss the glory days of blogging and am continuing to stubbornly blog as so many other people close up shop. Sometimes when I contemplate stopping (usually bc I’m discouraged by dropping numbers…) I remember the reason I started in the first place: creative outlet for me, and preserving memories for my family.

    I’ve always loved and have been inspired by your voice. Looking forward to what you have to say 🙂

    • Jodi

      I miss the glory days too although I’m also aware that we can’t get complacent; everything evolves whether we like it or not x

  • Sophie

    Like the simplifying of our lifestyles, perhaps going back to basics with the blog and just writing whatever, whenever from the heart is what is needed at this time in your life? I’d read along, and completely agree that we need longer, more thought provoking reading in our feeds. When did those pieces go by the wayside? I have fond memories of them 10 years ago, yet here I am mindlessly scrolling through precisely well executed, pretty feeds.

    • Jodi

      I once read that only 1% of internet users actually create content…an we’re that 1%! Best we create what we want to read x

  • Becka

    I have a little keychain that says, “Write drunk, edit sober.” It makes me smile because I like the idea of fully feeling our biggest feelings and putting that to paper with the sloppiness ignored, and not publish our lives until we have the soberness to curate and cull and distill those wild thoughts into meaningfulness. We do need both.

    • Jodi

      We definitely need both x

  • Ronnie

    Keep writing, Jodi! I need to do the same. You’re one of my biggest inspirations.
    Ronnie xo

    • Jodi

      Oh, Ronnie! That means so much coming from you. Much love x

  • Kate

    I’ve abandoned blogging for the moment. Like you, I prefer to pick up the camera and Instagram is the perfect vehicle for sharing that particular creative outlet. I started blogging to force myself to pick up the camera more often and bring creativity into the chaos that is raising four children – much like your own reasons. It served its purpose very well at that time. Forced creativity was what I needed then. Now the children are all grown and there are grandchildren, the creativity comes more easily. I can sew, draw, write, cook and garden whenever I feel the pull. Blogging once had a very strong community too and it’s not there anymore. In fact, I feel the real-life connections of produce swaps and other community-driven events so much more satisfying. The blog drifts along – more for me now as a record of each passing month than space to share and connect.

  • Erin

    I have missed your presence here. Looking forward to more juicy posts.

  • Sandra

    Making or taking time to write is quite a thing as I noticed meself. But keeping your 11th anniversary in mind, it’s inspirational.

  • ursula

    really enjoy your blog jodi. i discovered it only a few years ago when you were wearing one of my pal’s sweaters on IG – elizabeth from primoeza:> i started my blog to go along with my shop in april 10 yrs ago. still do. xo ursula

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