the lemon tree

Percy’s beanie is from Nature Baby and his cardigan (which has been in the family for five years!) is from babaa I took Percy to the lemon tree yesterday. It grows in a garden on the street [...]

how to plan a babymoon

Not to be confused with the second trimester holiday that has cheekily adopted the term, a traditional babymoon is a dedicated period of rest after the birth of your baby. The new mother and her [...]

Creamy Pumpkin Soup

This soup is another family favourite, passed down from my Nana to my mum. It was a staple family dinner when I was growing up and now I serve it to my little ones (with mixed reviews, [...]

what’s in my bag

I’ve been carrying the very same workhorse of a handbag for over two years. I give it a good clean out every week because there’s only so many tissues and toy cars and (heaven [...]

hello third trimester

As I near 29weeks I’m conscious of savouring this last trimester…resisting the temptation to count down the days till we meet this mid-winter baby. Regardless of my growing belly (I [...]