“A portrait of my daughter, once a week, every week, in 2014.”

Poet: face paint is one of her favourite things, odd looking garden bugs are not.
Only one more to go, friends. Now is a good time to ask: what have you loved most about this project and what has been the hardest thing about it?



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  • EJGreenwood

    Fab face painting!
    I have loved watch the children grow, when you look back over the whole year, you realise just how much they do!

  • Lisa Stirling

    I have loved that this project inspires me to take put my camera, I have joined in since the beginning 🙂

    I have found the community feel from this project is not the same, in the 2nd year. Regardless I hope it continues for a 3rd year..

    I also loved you Facebook post re Christmas Food! My sentiments exactly!

  • Kathy

    I have an 11 year old (he was 10 up until 3 weeks ago) and an 8 year old and even though I'm always taking photos of them my portrait of the week was always something that was "just them and something child like" eg making a cubby house, building Leo verses a portrait of them. I also took a photo of the 3 of us more often than not but without the pressure of once a week and I've ended up with about 30 pictures of just the three of us which is a bonus because as I'm behind the camera I needed to make sure I got in front of the camera with the kids also. Nothing hard, all good. See you next year and can't wait to see your book in print. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane Ps some weeks were hard just choosing one picture.

  • Kathy

    Ps I also copied each of my weekly photos and "saved as" the image number – for print and kept them in a separate folder on my computer so that they are all in the one spot when it comes time to make a photo book. This will save a lot of time trying to search which day of the week any given photo was taken on. It's also great having them in the same spot because I find myself looking through them each week as I add more photos. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane

  • Lauren Moore

    I have loved taking so many photos of my children- it has been hard when my 5 year old pulls faces all of the time but now I am blessed with so many beautiful images, as well as all of the funny outtakes!

  • Mother Down Under

    I love looking at the other portraits…I feel like I have learned a lot about photography that way…it is interesting to see how others look at things.
    Have a very merry Christmas!

  • Ronnie

    I think it's been amazing watching your project grow and spread all around the world, with so many bloggers taking part. Thanks for starting something so beautiful.
    Much love,
    Ronnie xo

  • Alexandra Surman

    I totally agree, watching my 3 grow up over a year (they are now 4,3 and 1) has been magical. I found it really hard to keep taking photos when we were going through a tough patch with a wrong school choice for my 4 year old. It was difficult to document that time. I also chose to take them all in black and white which has given me a beautiful set of portraits but I think I'll use colour next time round – I've lost the vibrancy and energy of some moments. It's been a great experience. xx (Instagram is a great way to keep going!)

  • JuliaDomi

    I love your photos. You inspired me to start my own Project this January!

  • Marian Hazel

    Firstly Jodi I would like to thank you for the inspiration for regularly taking photos. I admit in their first year,i relied heavily on the ease of my phone for photos, we do have some "real" photos, but I challenged myself this year to take my weekly portrait photos with the dslr. Not only have I learnt how to compose, and take a photo, I have also dabbled a bit with lightroom.
    What have I loved? I have an amazing collection of portraits covering Maggie and Elisabeth's second year. A treasure for me, but hopefully them too one day.
    What has been hard? Sometimes making sure I had picked up the dslr! Once I have though, I usually only spend 10-15 minutes taking photos and I have ended up with some gorgeous photos!
    Thank you again Jodi, I am already looking foreword to next year!

  • Erica

    for me, absolutely, the hardest bit has been getting these portraits up on time! I take pictures of my kids daily, but getting everything edited, and organized? My downfall. Which is fairly indicative of how my life is, generally. Ha.

  • Kamala

    Jodi, initially I loved watching your children grow, week by week, and now I love having a collection of photos of my son that track his growth and development. Having a dedicated project like this means that all the best and favourite photos are in one place.
    The hardest part has been choosing which one to put up! Some weeks my husband and I have heaps of photos to choose from and other weeks we have to put in the effort to take photos on Saturday or Sunday, so that we might have one nice photo.
    I'm looking forward to next years' collections – yours, mine, and everyone elses!

  • Aby Moore

    Gorgeous picture! x

  • Kristina

    I loved the discipline this project provided to not only take photos above and beyond "we went here, saw this person", but to take stock of all of the photos taken on a weekly basis in the search for "the best". I was surprised by how easy it was to keep up with it, a natural routine set in rather quickly. I also felt liberated to delete so many other photos that were not quite right. Having my stock of 52 building up made me more confident to just hit delete delete delete on anything out of focus or which was just unflattering.

    As others have mentioned, the odd time Saturday or Sunday would roll around and I would think, yikes I've gotta take a decent photo!

    Overall, I'm just so happy that I took part and stayed with it all year long. Many thanks Jodi!

  • lili nfolks

    some week, the hardest thnik was to choose the picture… some weeks it has been to find that the week flew by and I did not had time to take pictures… but at the end, I'm so happy to have done it, thanks for this very beautiful project!

  • barbara

    I love looking back at those 2 years of 52 project and having so many pictures of my daughters… But there were moments that i was too busy in taking pictures instead of living with them… And this is something i will totally change in 2015! I will join the community – that's for sure – but with no pressure… If I'll skip a week or two because I was living… well, it will be not that bad right?!

  • Dre | no frills mum

    On Sunday nights in 2014 I could be found in front of my laptop, looking back through photos and creating my post for the week. I can't wait to create a book for each of my girls complete with 52 photos and words and thoughts by me, a snapshot in time of their Mama when they were so little. It makes me happy to think they can look back in years to come and read about our experiences, everyday lives, my thoughts and words about and to them, when they were four and two years old. My sister has been diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer so creating and recording memories has become quite important to me. Thank you for creating and hosting this fabulous project Jodi! x Dre

  • A little bit country

    Great comments above. I have done this project for the last two years and have loved it. Before blogging I was never a photo taker. So to have this record of my children's childhood so far has been wonderful. The hardest thing for me has been picking up my calendar or remembering to take it out and about with me as I don't use a mobile phone, so it's my camera or nothing. I'm not sure if I will continue another year……but we will see. Merry Christmas Jodi xo

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