6 ideas for the winter school holidays

the lemon and orange trees in our neighbour’s garden are abundant; I’m planning a few fruit picking sessions followed by baking

One more school day and then we celebrate! I’m really looking forward to these school holidays; the opportunity to rest and connect. Whilst I’m all for spontaneous “we have no plans” days I also like to jot down a few ideas for fun, not-too-expensive activities that we can all enjoy:

– visit the library : this is our start-of-school-holidays ritual and one I really look forward to. Imagine the possibilities of twenty new books, two weeks of holidays and the warmth of a blanket when it’s cold outside?!

– create a masterpiece : Che spends hours drawing intricate scenes at the moment and will lie on the lounge room floor colouring in (and defending his work from the texta-wielding two-year-old) for hours at a time. I’ve just purchased this “to the stars” super-sized colouring in picture for him (there’s a “in the forest” version, too). I envision a few afternoons that involve tea (the kids are currently loving chamomile), our favourite lyra pencils, good music and no fighting over pencils (!).

– one-on-one time : I’ve really noticed the lack of opportunities to have decent one-on-one time since Che started school. I wrote a post about it here and ever since that experience I’ve decided to make it a regular occurrence  So, these holidays Che and I are planning a day in the city together – the museum, a bookshop, a yummy lunch and a train ride home (his idea and I love it).

– explore the local rock pools : every holidays our local marine discovery centre runs beach afternoons for children where they can learn about all the creatures that inhabit the rock pools. It’s really affordable and always interesting. If you’re not near the beach check your local council for similar activities in your area.

– get cooking : Che has turned into a bit of a fussy eater of late (another reason why I’m doing this course) so I’m going to get in the kitchen with him and create some new meals that we both enjoy. I’m in a bit of a rut when it comes to dinners so I’m searching for new, inspiring recipes.

– kids yoga classes : check your local yoga studios and see if they have any kid’s classes running throughout the holidays. Yoga is a fun way to encourage your children to gain body and mind awareness. If you can’t find an appropriate class but want to create a calming ritual throughout the holidays I highly recommend the meditations from Smiling Mind.

I’d love to hear what you’ve got planned…

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  • Caroline Beeson

    It's our first winter in Canberra & we're visiting the snow which I'm excited about. Otherwise I've also been writing down ideas – some of our museums have free kids activities, some chalk art outside, new playgrounds, Lego building. They've opened an ice rink in the city which my son is excited about too

  • Cassie Webster

    Lovely ideas! Strawberry picking, a visit to Eumundi Markets, three nights at the Bunya Mountains with friends, a walk in the National Park to try and spot the whales migrating to the north for winter, a trip to the movies to see Tinkerbell and we also have the library on our list. I love winter holidays. Your day in the city sounds wonderful x

    • Jodi

      we can decide between Tinkerbell and How to Train Your Dragon 2….if it rains a lot we'll see both! x

  • aluminiumgirl

    We bought a fire-pit for the backyard and our girls love helping Hubby light it, and sit drinking hot drinks and roasting marshmallows together. It's a great Winter afternoon/evening activity.

  • Patchwork Cactus

    That sounds lovely, I also love slow days at home but sometimes you have to make stuff happen too. The marine discovery walk sounds amazing, I'm going to check it out. Maybe I'll see you there. xoxo

  • Pink Ronnie

    Sounds perfect, Jodi. Rick's taking his annual leave over the school holidays so hopefully we'll get to take off on some day road trips.
    Ronnie xo

  • knitbakecultivate

    Thanks for these lovely ideas. I too am looking forward to the holidays and I am hoping the kids will be up for a spot of fishing and some bush walking adventures. Its hard to find things all three enjoy doing these days. Fingers crossed the weather stays fine. T x

  • Inge

    I love Che's idea for a day in the city! It's exactly what I would do 🙂

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