a spring cleaning guide : cleaning essentials

The countdown is on and I’m preparing for a 12-week (gradual, achievable) spring clean that will hopefully clear all the cobwebs from my house. As far as I’m concerned there’s nothing worse than starting a clean and not having the right ingredients. So, here’s my list of cleaning essentials:

vinegar and bi-carb : two of the cheapest and most effective cleaning ingredients you will ever use. I combine them with hot water and a few drops of eucalyptus or lemon oil and voila – a potent cleaning product that is perfect for ceiling and wall washing.

essential oils : eucalyptus and lemon  is my preferred concoction come spring time – it helps to kill germs and cleanse the air. Peppermint also blends well with lemon if you want a stronger, fresher scent. I diffuse the oils in a vapouriser and oil burner (I have this one) and I admit, it’s a nice ritual to perform before a cleaning session (turn music on, too!). Clove oil is another great oil to have on hand during spring, especially if you have to deal with mould (it kills the spores). However, be wary of using clove oil if you’re pregnant.

cleaning cloths : you can never have enough and during spring, I tend to go through them quite quickly hence I always buy washable, reusable ones. I highly recommend these organic cotton cloths and, if you want a more absorbent option try these or these.

rags : look no further than your youngest child’s wardrobe. Poet had a few outgrown and very stained size 1 singlets that make the most perfect cleaning rags. They’re particularly useful for cleaning timber blinds! Old towels also come in handy for this seasonal clean (and whilst I hate to admit it, my old, worn towels far outweigh my newish, fluffy ones).

spray bottles : if you’re keen to make your own cleaning products or to create a mould removal concoction (water, vinegar, clove oil, eucalyptus oil) get some spray bottles (usually about a dollar at the supermarket).

cleaning products : if you don’t want to make your own I highly recommend ginger and lemongrass surface spray and rosemary and mint bathroom cleaner.

garbage bags : for all the things you’ll be taking to the op-shop! If you’re getting rid of old magazines consider taking them to your local preschool (they’ll be delighted).

If you can think of anything else you’ll need (apart from determination and perseverance) please leave a comment (I’m sure I’ve forgotten something). Also, if you need a little extra inspiration: how to simplify your home. 

some links are affiliates meaning I receive a small commission if you purchase from them. All recommendations and opinions are my own and products are purchased, tried and tested by me. This post is not sponsored in any way.

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  • Sally Henderson

    Hi. Just wondered if this post was in any way connected with Biome? Thanks.

    • Jodi

      Hi Sally, no, it's not sponsored (I don't receive an up front payment from Biome) but I am registered as an affiliate with them (see my explanation in the post above) x

  • knitbakecultivate

    Yes I need to do a good clean too – just need to be in the mood. Not quite there yet 😉 I have heard about clove oil being good for killing mould, but I have never tried it. Where do you buy it? Or do you make it?

    • Jodi

      You can buy clove oil at most healthcare stores. If you follow the link above (just click the words "clove oil") it will take you to an online listing which also explains how it works and how you can use it to treat mould. I've found it to be incredibly effective in my home x

  • Zena

    Hi Jodi, I have knitted a couple of cotton cleaning cloths in preparation for the spring clean! We rent an old bush house in the Snowy Mountains and I make my own cleaning products but also like to buy enviro products when I can't or don't have the time. Also we have a big mould problem from condensation on windowsills and I use oil of cloves too. I love Biome btw and shop online twice a year for my family and our household needs. Spring cleaning will be more fun this year joining in your 12 week spring clean.

  • familyfaithfoodfabric

    That is one of my projects for this fall. replace all store bought cleaners with homemade ones. We had already switched to all non toxic natural ones, but they are SO expensive!!! Looking forward to having y own little arsenal.

  • Charlene

    I just stumbled on your site today and am very excited to have found you. I want to subscribe to your blog but cannot figure out how. Please advise.

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