autumn beach jaunts

seaside daisies / she does cranky well as she pulls on my new dress / I thought he’d be a bit tired of the camera – he isn’t 

When the tourists have gone home and it’s gloomy enough to stay indoors, we venture out. I find that it’s really easy for me to stay in at this time of year; I’m a homebody and autumn begs for lazy afternoons in bed. But sometimes what I crave is the very opposite to what I need so I muster the flock and we head to the ocean. The water is warm at the moment and the young ones jump in, clothes ‘n all.

The past two weeks of holidays have been beautiful for their simplicity; we’ve been together and that has been enough. Tomorrow school returns and with it the Mon-Fri rhythm. I feel quite confident going into this term, I know what works for us as a family and what I can do to make the school week simple, enjoyable and possible – for us all. Pop back tomorrow for 5 Ways to Simplify the School Week.

But right now? Daniel is currently singing Wonderwall to a captive and enthusiastic audience (I never get the same response), once the kids are in bed the dishes await, and then it’s tea, just-iced banana cake and an episode or two of Game of Thrones (I dismissed it for a long time, it took me six episodes to really get into it, now I can officially say I’m hooked – although I spend a lot of time with my hands over my eyes; the blood and gore!).

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  • Kacie

    I am a huge fan of the beach in the off season.

    Cute cranky face!

  • Nicole mcmahon

    Games of thrones the best ever!!!!

  • Indigomumma

    Oh that little yellow seaside daisy – so iconic to me of those lovely East Coast beaches – we don't seem to get them down here. But we have samphire which ever since I saw on Hugo and Elsa, I'm looking forward to trying next camping trip in a dish! I don't ever think I saw that back home, but I could be mistaken. I just had to comment to say I love that pic of Poet tugging at your dress – I think it's one of my all-time favourites of her. That priceless expression says so much. I see photo's where she reminds me so much of Ché when the children were younger and other photo's that so wonderfully illustrate her own individuality. Your capturing of the children in your photography is beautiful. Love to all xxxx

  • Courteney Rodda

    That picture of Poet is awesome. Love the perspective and the expression on her face.

  • Brook

    Banana cake? Iced? recipe please!!!
    Beautiful photos. So glad to see you all together again.

  • Samantha Heather

    Game of Thrones. Yes!

  • little bubalishka

    I love the quiet seaside in Autumn… so lovely xx

  • Sarah Stone

    Poet looks like such an old soul with her little brow furrowed like that!

  • G

    but sometimes what I crave is the very opposite of what I need true. This is such a beautifully written post.

  • Sebastian Chuter

    It is great to stumble upon here and witness the beauty of your family. Spring and summer is approaching and I’m delighted to view the image of flowers and beach. The tropical beauty is within. Gorgeous photos!

    Sebastian of
    Tropical Life Style

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