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I haven’t left the house since we came home from hospital and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Fourth time ’round in this newborn bubble and I’m in absolutely no rush to leave it. That said, real life is just around the corner and I’m well aware of the fact that these slow days of feeding, cuddling, bonding and resting are fleeting.

Daniel has been off work since Marigold arrived and he still has another 10 days at home which has been incredibly special for both of us…practical too, especially when we’re awake with a newborn and a toddler in the wee hours. Thankfully Marigold is sleeping gloriously long stretches and is, overall, very settled, so we’re definitely easing very gently into life with four kids.

While most my time is spent in the armchair with a babe to my breast, there’s still much for me to do; I’ve done four loads of washing today and the big kids are just home from school – chatty and hungry and tired. Our run of dinners-made-by-others is coming to an end so tonight it’s homemade pizzas and tomorrow I’ll write a meal plan for the remainder of August (I’m sensing the need to be organised).

It’s been a milky blur, these past ten days, but I’m so grateful for the opportunity to rest and recover and let my body heal from the enormity of pregnancy and birth. It was very much needed!

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  • Ashley

    She is absolutely darling Jodi!!!
    We have 6 till we are in that same bubble. Your posts are beautiful reminders. Thank you.

  • Genna Knox

    Jodie, Marigold is just gorgeous, hope all is well, much love from NZ x

  • Ayesha

    Congratulations again – so happy for you and yours – all the best xox

  • Reply

    Awww that face!! How cute.

  • Jay

    Oh that smile…swoon. She is perfect. Big love to you all xx

  • Angela Wilder

    That face. 🙂

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