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It’s easy to miss the details in Bali; there’s so much colour and noise that honing in on the subtle doesn’t come easily. For me, hiding behind a camera made the details clearer and it was the little things – door frames, lamps, hanging plants – that inspired. 

In Bali almost everything is made by hand and it’s evident in most spaces; bamboo, teak, stone and grass combine to, quite literally, create a home. I enjoyed the blend of heavy and light, of vibrant and subdued but most of all I loved the handwoven features – oh the baskets! If only I could have brought them all home. And the plants! In Ubud, green sprouted from stairs and walls and cracks in the pavement. Plants grew from coconut shells and chipped terracotta. Bali’s aesthetic is very wabi-sabi.  

ps. can you find Che?

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  • lifeatno2

    I love every inch of Bali but it is true, sometimes it is hard to see the little things within the hustle and bustle.

  • Samantha Heather

    I love finding the subtle details in crowded spaces too. It makes us appreciate the things we often overlook.

  • Pink Ronnie

    I am in love with your imagery…
    Ronnie xo

  • A little bit Country

    Hiding behind the bamboo screen with a sweet wee smile. Is he reading? xo

    • Jodi

      of course! 😉

  • lili nfolks

    found him! You gave me such a willing to go to Bali!

  • Feli

    Love the purple door! I have never had the urge to go to Bali but you make it so beautiful that I am almost willing to just go for a visit.

  • Bri

    so beautiful!

  • Charlotte Rigby

    Found him! Bali looks lovely, every little thing looks so thought out, I guess that comes from being handmade.

  • HPMcQ

    bali looks amazing, wish it was closer x

  • Gary Melton

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  • seb_stahel

    gorgeous! this rattan/cane chair has a real balinese vibe that I thought of when I read this!

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