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 When we moved last year we left behind some pretty great neighbours. Em and I went to school together and ended up living in the same street just as we became mothers. We borrowed from each other’s pantries a few times a week (she always wanted tinned tomatoes or Spanish onion, I was always after parsley or celery) and, at times, each other’s wardrobes. We would often catch up for a lengthy cup of tea and share our motherhood woes. Sometimes we’d just chat about the best colour cushions to put on the lounge.

And then she launched Bohemian Traders and I watch as her business idea quickly grew into a fashion label with a dedicated following. Last week when I sighed yet again at my postpartum body I called her up and she offered me some pretty profound advice:

“You still see yourself at the nineteen-year-old waif, don’t you.”


“I do the same thing. But we’re not nineteen anymore. We’ve birthed three babies and we’ve got the soft belly and bum to prove it. That doesn’t make us any less beautiful.”

Emily has always told it like it is – she’s good like that. She’s also amazing at designing clothes for women of all ages and sizes. Go look at her instagram account and she’s dressing everyone from teens to grandmothers. And they all look stunning; proud, statuesque, elegant.

I’m incredibly fussy when it comes to clothes. Not everything by Bohemian Traders is my cup of tea. But the classic, boho-inspired pieces are and whenever I try on a new design I’m always happy with how it looks and how it makes me feel. Indeed, the designs I choose are incredibly flattering; they enhance my figure and suit my lifestyle.

Take the Embroidered Linen Diamond Dress for instance. This classic, shift style is literally a throw-on-and-walk-out-the-door design and the weight of the pure linen is luxurious. The sleeves cut at just the right angle and the embroidery ensures it’s a statement dress. And because Em knows how hard it is to find stylish breastfeeding-friendly clothes, she’s designed a low neck that fastens with tassel-ended ties.

Bohemian Traders just launched its new collection Moroccan Summer – fresh, light designs in a sea-inspired palette. Free shipping is available till Friday midnight with the code: simpleshipping.

This is a sponsored post. Thanks so much for supporting the brands that support me. Photos by Samantha Heather Photography for PS. 

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  • Lamb Loves Fox

    I still struggle with the fact that my body is nothing like it used to be pre-kids. I'm a little softer around the edges. But then I look at my children (my crazy, crazy children) and I know I would so rather be here than where I was at 19. I may have looked better at 19 but I'm so much happier and surer of myself now.

    • Jodi

      I wholeheartedly agree. But in saying that, I'd feel like I wasn't being completely honest if I didn't mention my body woes. Granted, I'm slowly starting to accept the softness but there are times when I find it difficult to dress the postpartum body, if that makes sense…

    • Brianna Blacklock

      Ugh, I've been finding myself in the very same boat. Often times I loathe getting dressed. 11 months postpartum and still wearing my bump jeans. It is a lot sometimes, but then I pull myself away from it and look my sweet boy in the eyes and nothing else matters (for a little while at least, ha!). It is the beginning of winter here, so ..perfectly acceptable to lounge around in stretch pants and oversized sweaters, but I can't help but throw myself a little mental pity party from time to time.

  • Bella Mills

    When I looked at these photos, I only saw beauty.

    The dress looks soft and the way it sits on you, looks causal and elegant. I hope you can see your beauty too, Jodi. xx

    • Jodi

      You're a gem, Bella x

  • Amanda K.

    this is BEAUTIFUL!
    how do you keep percy from batting around the tassels while nursing? my 6-month old is so curious and easily distracted when he's nursing…

    • Jodi

      If he's distracted (which isn't uncommon), I usually just tuck them away under my shoulder x

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