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Hand a new mum a biscuit when her arms are full of baby and her head is tired and weary and you’ll have a friend for life. Indeed, when it comes to making a new mum happy it’s all about food and extra hands. The best gifts are homemade casseroles, nourishing snacks, folded washing and clean dishes.

It turns out I’m not alone in thinking this, either. Take Fran and Jo for instance: they met at the traffic lights one day while walking their babies around their Melbourne neighbourhood. They got chatting about babyhood and sleepless night and their careers – Fran is a chef and Jo is a naturopath. They forged a friendship whilst pounding the pavement and soon after became business partners, too. “Once we got chatting, Franjos Kitchen seemed obvious, we would combine our experience and skills and create something wonderful,” says Jo. Their packed-full-of-all-the-good-stuff biscuits are exactly what new mothers didn’t know they needed. Fran and Jo brought their friend Kate, an Art Director, in on the action and together they have created a much needed product. Heartwarming work.

From the beginning they wanted to create bite-size food that would support and nourish women in the stages of pregnancy (a perfect time for the belly bump biscuits), post-partum and breastfeeding. Their lactation cookies, or tanker toppers, have been a mainstay in my diet for the past few months and they are an absolute godsend on cluster-feeding days or at times when I’m hungry but time is in short supply.

They key ingredients are galactagogues oats, brewers yeast and flaxseeds along with coconut oil, chia seeds and buckweat flour. Each biccie offers vitamins, minerals and good fats to support you and your baby by:

> increasing milk supply : brewers yeast, oats and flaxseeds are renowned for their milk-boosting properties

> enhancing your energy : due to the abundance of important B group vitamins and iron found in brewers yeast and oats.

> improving appetite control and reducing sugar cravings : due to the high amounts of the nutrient chromium in brewers yeast which helps to balance blood sugar levels.

> promoting better bowel habits : fibre and good fats help to promote good poo that is easy to move (magical words for those who have ever torn during childbirth).

Franjos Kitchen are offering you 15% off all online orders from today till September 4th. Just add the code: “Simple” at checkout to redeem.

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