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If your five-year-old is anything like mine, you might be Christmas shopping for anything but toys this year. While Poet still plays with her beloved doctor’s kit, dolls and play/mud kitchen, she’s gravitating more towards art projects and books these days. She’ll be getting a new school bag under the tree this year and in it there will be this alphabet stamp kit, some new school supplies, a book and a cute keyring.

On my hunt for gifts I gathered this collection of beautiful presents; practical tools and art supplies, a vintage handbag (for mum + daughter dates), the very best circular puzzle and a range of inspiring books. I hope this helps you tick a few things off your list.

  1. Bird Call : for your budding bushwalker and bird lover, this nifty little bird call works mechanically to create sounds that attract nearby birds. It’s small enough to fit in your child’s pocket and is a handy addition for imaginary play and storytelling.
  2. Felt Craft Feathers : made from 100% NZ wool, this pack of felt feathers are perfect for play, storytelling and craft projects.
  3. History Jigsaw Puzzle : I bought this for Che last year and it’s proven to be one of the most-loved puzzles in our collection. It is a circular timeline that features the most profound events in history – perfect for older children who love Horrible Histories.
  4. Crayon Rocks : presented in a beautiful box that’s separated into seasonal colours, these crayons are beautiful to hold and a joy to draw with.
  5. Girl’s Handbag : for little girls who want to take a few precious things with them wherever they go.
  6. Gardener’s Tool Kit : granted this is an adult’s set but for older children who have an avid interest in gardening, this may be ideal. If you’re after something created specifically for kids, try this junior forest activity knife or first whittling knife.
  7. Wooden Unicorn : because a little magic and mystic in the Christmas stocking is always special.
  8. Australia Illustrated : a glorious tribute to our country – its history, cities, communities and animals.
  9. Hello Nature : for nature enthusiasts, this journal gently guides your child to look, discover and document. It’s brimming with beautiful illustrations and fascinating facts.
  10. Anne of Green Gables : one of my favourite childhood books has been re-released in two gorgeous editions, including this one by Rifle Paper Co. I plan on reading one chapter an afternoon with Poet over the Christmas holidays.
  11. Origami Faces : a quirky addition to the craft cupboard.
  12.  2017 Diary : for budding writers, this sweet diary will encourage them to document their days.
  13. I am Yoga : a yoga-inspired book about creativity and self-expression, it includes 16 yoga poses and delightful illustrations.
  14. See Inside Your Body : for kids who are interested in their body and how it works, this is a great book to have on the bookshelf and will prompt many more questions (I speak from experience).
  15. Beginner Readers Book Subscription : if you want to spread out the presents over a few months, this is the perfect way to do so. Little Birds Book Subscription sends a beautifully wrapped book every month along with a personalised note and a reading guide. Read more about the service here.
  16. Mechanica : for kids who love nature but are also fascinated by futuristic robots, this is an intriguing read.

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  • Aubrey

    We have I am Yoga and my daughter asks to read it every day. It truly is a beautiful book.

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