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Alternative title: “Wishlist”

I’m not sure if it’s age or environmental awareness but I think there’s something quite beautiful about gifts of the practical, purposeful, use-it-everyday kind.

If you’re anything like me, or you have someone on your Christmas list who loves a little homemaking, this guide will no doubt spark some inspiration.

  1. Rustic Speckled Serving Bowl : because adding to my ceramics collection is always pleasing.
  2. Sweeper + Funnel : for the homemaker who prefers the dullest of cleaning tools to be a little luxe. If you’re after something similar, there’s also a standard and tall dustpan + broom.
  3. Wash Bag : made by Melbourne company Milk and Sugar, this lined bag is the perfect make-up, toiletries, travel satchel…and something you don’t usually buy for yourself.
  4. Linen Apron : the essential cooking companion that looks just as good hanging from a hook in the kitchen.
  5. Market Basket : is there such a thing as too many baskets? I adore this small version, a perfect alternative to a handbag and just the right size for older children, too. If you’re after other styles, check out the full size with long leather handles and a chic rope handled style.
  6. Glass Keepcup : because it’s the best thing you can buy for the eco-conscious coffee/tea drinker. Also a great choice for mum’s who spend afternoons driving their kids to activities (I speak from experience).
  7. A Gift of Seeds : this small, beautifully illustrated card (with flower seeds) is perfect as a sweet gesture and can easily be sent via snail mail. There is also a Christmas selection including “Peas on Earth” and “Christmas Thyme” as well as a beautiful flower press.
  8. Sleeping Bag : we have two of these and they are gorgeous to look at and practical to boot. We use them as an extra bedcover in winter, a play mat, picnic blanket, cubby house roof and….sleeping bag!
  9. Reflections Toothbrushes : a year’s supply of toothbrushes made from sustainable bamboo. Each one has a word engraved: ruminate, concentrate, meditate + contemplate.
  10. Pukka Tea : supreme herbal teas in the prettiest boxes.
  11. Birds of Australia : local artists Lauren Merrick celebrates Australia with this delightful print
  12. L’art de la Simplicite : a French-inspired guide to decluttering, simplifying and living with less.
  13. The Little Book of Hygge : a beautiful gift for a homebody, this delightful edition celebrates the Danish way of being (and explains why they’re the happiest people in the world).
  14. Grown & Gathered : if you dream of growing more, making your own and finding your community in 2017, this is the perfect start.
  15. Lab Girl : an eloquent memoir of a lab girl and her journey into the plant world, this is an ideal summer read for gardeners and plant-lovers.
  16. Brass Beeswax Holder : made to hold beeswax dinner stick tapers or the finer bee light candles, this brass holder is a timeless addition to the dinner table or mantlepiece.
  17. Lightweight Cotton Towel : because a new towel at Christmas sets you up for a colourful summer.
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  • Eliza

    I want every single item here! What a brilliant list!

    My best friend, on seeing my engagement ring said: “it’s so you. It’s so practical.” So I am definitely a subscriber to the joys of practcal gifts.

  • Alice

    Gorgeous. The perfect mix of beauty and function.

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