indian summer

I bought a few of these light, cotton “hippy” tunics before we went to Bali last year and I’ve just discovered that they make the perfect sleepwear / a very rare but welcome day sleep; curled up in the foetal position

We’re all anticipating the cool and we’ve had a few teasers but for the most part it’s still very summery. They call it an Indian Summer – when the leaves should be falling but it’s still hot enough for floaty cotton dresses. The air is still thick with humidity.

Yesterday I turned 30 – it was beautiful and poignant and I had a really lovely day. The fear I had for 3-0 dissipated a few weeks ago and was replaced with a profound sense of contentment. I feel like my last few years in my twenties were a bit of a struggle; I was trying too hard to attain certainty and success and happiness and…. It’s these moments of retrospect (that come every so often) that are both enlightening and reassuring. I sit and think: “Gosh, I made it so hard for myself. All that wanting and getting caught up in what should be happening – how exhausting.” Perhaps it’s the letting go that comes with age that is most rewarding; the ability to figure out what’s important and then leave the rest behind.

I’ve had a few emails lately about changing the name and design of this space and I’m happy to tell you that I have no regrets. It seems like the grown-up version of Che & Fidel; an opportunity for me to be more creative and explore different themes. As of next week I’ll be returning to a weekly post solely on simplicity – carrying on with the series that was the catalyst for this change. I’ll also be writing more about yoga, starting off with a post on yoga for breastfeeding. I had an interesting email earlier this week from someone who is considering monetising their blog; she asked if I would be happy to share my experience and advice. Of course! Expect a post soon that details everything I’ve learned about sponsorship, media kits and working with brands.

Till then, enjoy your drawn-out winter, early-onset autumn or Indian summer…

In summer
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  • Mama Shara

    Hmmm I've been knit knit knitting away in the hopes that we'll need them soon. Up here in the Sunshine Coast hinterland, we are seeing the change in leaves and light and when I feed the baby at 1am, I can certainly feel the coolness coming….

    I know Che isn't featuring much on here these days – but I have a post request about boys! You always show and share Poets darling wardrobe and I love seeing her outfits. However, I'm a mama of 3 boys! And I'd love to know what places you source boys clothing from? Only if you have the time or inclination of course!


    • Jodi

      I'd be more than happy to do a post on clothes for boys. Will add it to the list! X

    • laluuu

      Great request Mama Shara! I don't have boys but I have always loved seeing what Che wears… if I do have a boy someday I plan on making it a personal challenge to find clothing equally as gorgeous to what girls wear!

      Jodi, as usual looking forward to your upcoming posts. I love reading about yoga (seeing as I am on my own journey of practice) and of course I adore some straight-up simplicity!

      Linda. x

  • Lucy W

    Great idea Mama Shara as are the topics already listed in this post Jodie. Many happy returns for yesterday. If I could add a topic to your list it would be yoga or relaxation techniques for children as my eldest who's soon 4 is quite an anxious, intense little one I'd love to be able to give him some strategies to loosen up and breathe it out!

  • dear olive

    I've been getting around with a constant sweat moustache! Kellie xx

  • Greer

    Happy birthday, Jodi. From my vantage point up here on the creaky old cusp of 40, you are looking mighty young and gorgeous! I'm waiting for the leaves to turn and wishing the lawn would stop growing. xxx

  • Emma Steendam

    Ooooo looking forward to both the yoga/breastfeeding post and the monetizing your blog one.
    Happy birthday lovely xxx

  • nikoandnonnie

    Happiest of birthdays to you! There is definitely a serenity that comes in your 30s…a kind of attitude where you feel so happy and comfortable in your skin –a truly settled adult, if that makes any sense at all. Best wishes from Southern California for an amazing decade ahead. xo

  • LaurenBurke BenHissink

    Happy big 30th!! yes, its so humid (here in Sydney town),, I love summer, but am really wanting the coolness to come. I Hope you were able to cuddle those babes, eat some cake, and celebrate 30 !
    Lauren x

  • Reply

    Happy 30th birthday Jodi 🙂 keen to read your yoga posts and ideas on practicing simplicity, looking forward to them…

  • ellerampling

    Happy birthday Jodi, I hope your day was grand! Lots of love from all The Ramplings xxxx

  • Rachel

    Happy birthday Jodi, I hope you have a wonderful celebration when Daniel arrives home and that 30 is a great year for you. Thank you for writing your beautiful blog, I always find it so uplifting and your pictures are just dreamy xx

  • Bron Maxabella

    Happy birthday, Jodi! You've achieved a great deal for such a youngster. You should be very proud of yourself. You are right – the beauty of getting older is much less internal angst. The need to please or even achieve is dimmed to a nice, manageable level and good things happen!! My thirties were a grand affair, my forties (thus far) even lovelier. Enjoy your year. x

  • gen

    hello jodi, lovely post.
    we are going to bali (tejakula on the east side). could you please tell me where you bought your lovely cotton dresses?
    gabrielle x

  • G

    Yoga for pain xx (am biased) .

  • L.

    Happy birthday, Jodi, and thank you for just the right words for someone who will be turning thirty tomorrow. I don't feel at ease, yet, I have to admit. But I'll ponder your words…

  • L.

    (Oh, I just realized: down there it's my birthday already. Great.)

  • Gaby

    so funny, i just published a post a couple of weeks ago called 'indian summer.' i'm pretty over our indian summer! i haven't worn pants in 5 months. and whenever i want to drink tea i have to turn on the air conditioner in advance! boo. x

    • Samantha Heather

      Gaby, I'm the same! I go to put on my pants because I think that finally the autumn chills are coming but then regret the decision moments later as the sun stretches out and the humidity returns. What an awkward season we are in

  • The adored: journal

    Jodi, this is a lovely post. And happy birthday to you. I am very much looking forward to the yoga for breastfeeding posts that you mentioned. Sounds like there are alot of exciting posts coming.

  • Tina @ The Rogue Sparrow

    I've been a regular reader of your blog for a few months now. Yoga and living simply are high priorities in our house so I'm looking forward to reading your posts.

  • Rachel

    Yes to the post about boys clothes!!!

  • Dena

    you are lovely. wishing you the most wonderful, magical thirtieth year. i can't wait to read your post about monetising the blog, too!


  • tinajo

    Love the pics, so peaceful! 🙂

  • Yellow Finch

    Happy Birthday Jodi!

  • Zena

    Happy Birthday Jodi! Personally I am a much happier person in my mind and body in my 30's than my 20's. I would love to learn more about yoga and breastfeeding. I love your new design, name and direction.

  • The Wholefood Mama

    Happy birthday Jodi! You have turned 30 this year and I turn 40 in September and even though I have never met you in real life I always imagine that we are a similar age but there you go I am ten years older! I feel old now 🙂 As Bron said you have much to be proud of from what we know of you here and as we grow through each decade I have to agree that there comes more self acceptance and appreciation that eludes our younger selves. Looking forward to your post on monetisation. xx

  • Pink Ronnie

    Happy belated birthday Jodi!
    Ronnie xo

  • Crystal

    Happy birthday Jodi. I hope all of your transitions help strengthen the feelings of strength and contentment. I too feel that as I'm edging through time I feel happier within myself and have the ability to accept my world rather than constantly trying to change or control it. I look forward to watching the ways in which you and your blog grow Xx

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